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Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

No Quarter Magazine #17

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Legends on the Rise
We continue our previews of WARMACHINE: Legends. We show some of the new solos and unit attachments found in this upcoming WARMACHINE expansion.

HORDES Animi tactics
Our popular tactics guides continue. Effective use of animi ranks among the greatest strengths of a powerful horde. Learn how to get the most from your warbeasts and warlocks when using animi powers.

Big, bad, and bent on destruction, the heroes and villains of Monsterpocalypse storm onto the scene in 2008. No Quarter offers a glimpse of a world ravaged from above and below.

Tools of the Trade
Hobby Manager Rob Hawkins gives us a hands-on tour using the new Formula P3 Hobby Tools to assemble the Rhinodon!

And a lot more...
Make terrain building easy and fun with our guide to hosting a terrain-building party! Warcasters of Legends are shown in action in a battle report. Guts & Gears brings more intel on the Skorne military. Pendrake takes on the Junker Hulk. Plus, previews of upcoming models and products... and a whole lot more.

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