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Armed and Dangerous Volume 1: Serial Killers! (d20 Modern) PDF

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Reality Deviant Publications is proud to present Armed and Dangerous: Serial Killers, the first in a line of e-books bringing villains to your modern campaign!

Each PDF in this exciting new product line will bring you six villains of varying levels that you can use over the life of your campaign. You'll also find a few new game mechanics in every book to help your players bring their foes to justice.

This E-book takes a look at a group that sends chills up our spines. Serial Killers are the stuff of urban legends and slasher films, though their existence in the real world is undeniable. Placing little to no value in human life, serial killers cut a path of destruction through communities, killing men, women and children indiscriminately.

Written by Eric Karnes, this 14-page E-book gives you six serial killers to set loose in your campaign world. They all have their own motivations and personalities, from a bored librarian to a mystic who murders to increase his power. More than just one-shot villains, the characters in this book can haunt your players in session after session.

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