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Kobold Quarterly 2

****½ (based on 10 ratings)

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Kobold Quarterly is the scrappy little magazine of Open Design, a tiny journal that covers the world's premiere roleplaying game from the gamer's perspective.

The second issue includes articles by Ed Greenwood, Nicolas Logue, Skip Williams, Wolfgang Baur, and Jeff Grubb, among others. It features full-color art by fantasy artists new and familiar.

Kobold Quarterly gives you player options, the finest design techniques, great interviews, cartoons, and tested tactical crunch.

  • The Ecology of the Barghest
  • An Assassin core class
  • A preview of Empire of the Ghouls
  • An interview with artist Wayne Reynolds
  • Alternate class abilities for Paladins
  • And more!

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Average product rating:

****½ (based on 10 ratings)

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Small But Fierce!


Gamers, rally to Kobold Quarterly!

When I first heard about KQ, I was deep in my cups lamenting the death of Dragon. I presumed KQ would be nothing but a pale shadow of the great dragon, a faltering, lackluster fanzine without spirit or intelligence. When I heard Wolfgang Baur was behind it, however, I got myself a copy. And rarely have I been so delighted to be so utterly wrong!

Kobold Quarterly has spirit. KQ has spunk. KQ has verve. KQ has top-flight authors and wonderful articles. The Erik Mona interview in Issue 1 asks all the questions I could wish for and secures fascinating answers. The interview of Wayne Reynolds in Issue 2 hits one of the few luminaries I’d rather hear from than Mr. Mona! Skip Williams’s “Ask the Kobold: Q&A” continues Dragon’s great Sage tradition; reading it felt like coming home. Nicolas Logue’s Barghest Ecology nails one of my favorite monsters. John Ling’s “A Kingdom for My Horse” enriched my favorite character class. But foremost among all the articles is Tim & Eileen Connors’s “Belphegor, Prince of Laziness,” which presents perhaps the most intelligent, though-provoking take on a devil I’ve read in any article or sourcebook. And the Aaron Acevedo’s art for “Belphegor” is luscious. (But why is Belphegor French??)

Now let's hope for more original art, some short fiction, and (holding my breath) one or two short, top-flight adventures!

In the aftermath of the death of Dragon and Dungeon as print magazines, it’s an enormous relief to see bright, imaginative works like Kobold Quarterly picking up the tradition. Go Wolfgang! Go KQ! Gamers, rally to the Kobold! Twenty years from now, I want to look back across my great (and colorful!) collection of (monthly!) KQ issues with quiet assurance that KQ has been the best gaming magazine ever published. It’s small, but it’s fierce. And it’s on its way!

Another brilliant effort by Tim Connors


Back at Gen Con, I sat in a PF Changs with Tim and Daigle and Tim expressed concerns about how to make a demon subtle yet compelling. I love that this guy pretends to have creative dilemmas. What a knockout punch of an article. Not to fail to compliment the other authors as well let me call KQ2 another grand concert by Wolfgang's brigade.



Love the energy, creativity and grass roots feel to this. Long live the Kobolds!!

An excellent magazine


As I was sadly perusing my Dragon collection from years past recently, I was struck with how the production values were scant in the early days, but the articles were meaty. Dragon was a magazine by fans for fans. I feel like I am back in the early days of Dragon when I read Kobold Quarterly. Fantastic articles with information that can be used by almost anyone. Are the production values equal to the final days of Dragon? No. Does this matter? No. This scrappy little 'zine is what it is all about. Articles by the fans for the fans. Buy it and you won't be disappointed.

Another Great Kobold


Cool issue. Love the Assassin (great replacement for D&D's PrC or Thieves' World base class), the alternate abilities for Paladins. The ecology was a nice read, as the interview of WAR.

Good stuff all around. Keep up the good work!

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