Dungeon Issue #139

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There Is No Honor
by James Jacobs
Dungeon’s new 12-part Savage Tide Adventure Path begins here, as a new band of heroes confront exotic monsters, undead pirates, and a sinister guild of thieves on the cusp of unleashing a murderous coup. A Savage Tide Adventure Path scenario for 1st-level characters.

by James Jacobs
Discover the streets and canals of the city of Sasserine in this backdrop article. Includes a four-panel poster map of the city of Sasserine.

Requiem of the Shadow Serpent
by Anson Caralya
Explore a warren of snake-haunted caverns where magic itself has lost its way and the faithful of Shar lurk in every corner. A Forgotten Realms adventure for 9th-level characters.

Maure Castle: The Greater Halls
by Robert J. Kuntz
What deadly menaces and fantastic treasures await within the Greater Halls of Maure Castle? A D&D adventure for 17th-level characters.

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****½ (based on 2 ratings)

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James Jacobs Starts STAP off in excellent form


There Is No Honor is a fantastic start to The Savage Tide Adventure Path. With a great mix of encounters located in a big city, this adventure is a real challenge. (I gave my group a headstart using Siege of the Spider Eaters from Dungeon #137 -- and glad I did!)

This adventure is a challenge for experienced players!

Another AP

****( )

WOW! What a great kick off for the third AP! My compliments to James Jacob for his incredible first installment. I didn't put this issue down until I had read it cover to cover! GOOD JOB!