GameMastery Module D2: Seven Swords of Sin (OGL)

***½( ) (based on 17 ratings)
GameMastery Module D2: Seven Swords of Sin (OGL)

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A dungeon adventure for 7th-level characters.

Long hidden away in remote vaults and guarded by powerful wards, the ancient Seven Swords of Sin have been stolen and brought together again for a terrible cause.

Seven Swords of Sin is a lethal adventure that pits players against a vile enchantress, Tirana, in a trap-laden and monster-guarded dungeon. Only the brave (and perhaps foolish) can survive Tirana's lair and rescue the fabled Seven Swords of Sin from her heinous plot to unlock their deadly powers.

Seven Swords of Sin will be released at Gen Con Indy 2007 and will be the featured adventure in the first Gen Con Paizo Publishing "delve" event. Seven Swords of Sin's plot was written by James Sutter but its rooms were written via an internal Paizo Publishing "Deadliest Room Contest" in which many of the Paizo staff collaborated to make the most viscerally pleasing dungeon possible.

If you want to give your players a challenge, run them through the bloodiest, most heinous rooms the Paizo Publishing employees could think of.

GameMastery Modules are 32-page, high-quality, full-color, OGL-compatible adventures for use with the world's most popular fantasy RPG. All GameMastery Modules include four pre-made characters so players can jump right into the action, and full-color maps to enhance play.

Note: This product is part of the Pathfinder Modules Subscription.

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***½( ) (based on 17 ratings)

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Exciting Kaer Maga Dungeon Crawl filled with Innovative Traps!


This module was a blast to run, but has some very tricky rooms and traps to coordinate. Being an old-school gamer, I enjoy the challenge of grinding through a nice dungeon module. I've noticed that modern powergamers, that are used to curb stomping everything, tend to complain in these sorts of adventures.

If you want a fun, imaginative dungeon crawl, then the Undercity of Kaer Maga awaits! Conversely, if your players like everything handed to them nice and easy, then this is a module to avoid. It will challenge them in every way, shape and form and they may not like it.

In regards to the other reviews that call this module "incoherent", I'd reply that the theme of the module makes more sense when taken in context with the Council of Truth and their experiments that resulted in this dungeon. For further reading, pick up City of Strangers to help flesh out the rest of the Asylum Stone.

Exiting dungeon rooms ....!

****( )

I can imagine and somewhat understand why others dislike the storyline and connection to the Golarion setting in general in this module (there isn't really any). Nevertheless I think it is a really nice product with one particular strength: All the dungeon rooms are contrary to many other dungeon crawls, really exiting and created with lots of imagination. Each room is a revelation to read, and I'm looking forward to running it and think it will be well received among my regular gaming group.

So IMHO the ideas behind these rooms alone, are enough to rate it 4 stars.

It fits well into my RotR campaign as a side treck, and I'll supply the missing links to "all of Golarion", and flesh out Kaer Maga when I get my hands on other paizo stuff so that the dungeon crawl presented in this module will have a "must liberate the swords or the world will end / TPK" -feel rather than a prize for a Cleric of Abadar.

I know how this adventure came about...

*( )( )( )( )

and the end result is kind of an incoherent mess. An admirable attempt was made to make it all make sense, but it's really just a bunch of strange rooms strung together for no real reason. I wish I'd put my money elsewhere.

An RPG Resource Review

***( )( )

Set in Varisia, the home of Paizo's original material, this adventure concerns long-lost swords which once belonged to the Runelords who ruled the Empire of Thassilon. Knowing that if they themselves quarrelled it would bring widescale destruction to the land, these wizards each created a sword embued with a faint trace of their power, and when they had a difference of opinion the swords were entrusted to champions who'd fight to the death to decide the matter. But that was long ago and few people even know of the swords, let alone know where they are now... or do they?

The characters are hired by the Church of Abadar, who apparently used to possess the Sword of Lust but it has been stolen and they want it back. Worse, they have heard rumours that someone is trying to collect all seven swords, each named after one of the seven deadly sins. To undertake this task, they need to travel to a town that's a haven for all the worst folk, thieves and cutthroats and even more unpleasant people, where the person thought responsible for the theft lives. Once there, asking around should eventually lead them to the underground lair of the thief - and what follows is a good dungeon-delve, with plenty of traps to keep the party on their toes.

You either love or hate puzzle/trap dungeons, and if you and your players enjoy them this is an excellent one with a whole raft of intriging and puzzling rooms to investigate and survive. It might make a good one-night stand, something outwith your normal campaign, and if you choose that option there are 4 pre-generated characters provided to allow you to jump straight in.

Overall, it is an interesting and well-constructed delve and certainly from this side of the DM's screen it holds together fairly coherently, although I think that it might appear a random succession of rooms to the characters. Good entertainment!

Bad module

*( )( )( )( )

The module lacks in flavor. It is themed / linked to RotR yet the connections are few and far between. It soon becomes apparent the "logic" or "ecology" behind the dungeon is quite artificial. The maps were not sensational and the traps not particularly clever. Overall the worst Pathfinder Module so far.

One star.

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