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Dungeon Issue #95 with Polyhedron #154

Dungeon 95 Cover

Add Printed Issue: $8.00

Add PDF: $4.95

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Strange, red-armed devil creatures are kidnapping innocent townsfolk, and the town’s guardian is missing A D&D adventure for 9th-level characters.
By Chad MacPhee & Greg Oppedisano

Sabotage! Workers on the new temple of Kord are being injured or killed at an alarming rate, but is the witch of serpent bridge to blame? A D&D adventure for 3rd-level characters.
By Russell Brown

The githyanki pursue goals alien to most on the Prime Material Plane. This super agent is prepared to betray anyone to further the Lich Queen’s cause.
By Matthew Sernett

Heredity can lead you to dangerous and dark deeds, especially if you’re a half-fiend. A D&D Side Trek adventure for 4th-level characters
By J. Bradley Schell

This once-mighty demon lord has fallen far, but his passion for slaying adventurers can make him a deadly and implacable foe.
By Mike Mearls

Only the depraved survive the streets of Scuttlecove for long, but now a dark force has surfaced in the town’s most popular attraction, making even this city crave calmer days. A D&D adventure for 10th-level characters. “Porphyry House Horror” is an adventure featuring mature content in support of the new Book of Vile Darkness. It is presented in a special sealed section.
By James Jacobs


By David Noonan

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