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Dungeon Issue #93 with Polyhedron #152

Dungeon 93 Cover

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An ancient temple’s guardian hides the secret of one man’s great hubris. A D&D adventure for 5th-level PCs
By J. Bradley Schell

A room full of statues is almost always a sign of trouble--this one is no different. A D&D Side Trek for 9th-level PCs
By Johnathan Richards

Something has the peaceful Broken Axe Clan of lizardfolk riled up. A D&D adventure for 4th-level PCs
By Jeff Ward

This drider has something to prove, and the means to do so. A D&D “Critical Threat.”
By Christopher Perkins

The Storm Lord’s daughter has been slain, and no force in the world can keep him from his vengeance--except the PCs. A D&D adventure for 21st-level PCs. This adventure is for use with the new Epic Level Handbook.
By James Wyatt

The newly revised DUNGEON Magazine Writer’s Guidelines will start you on the road to seeing your adventures appear in these pages.


By Rich Redman
Note: Due to copyright restrictions, the PDF version of this issue only contains the introduction for "Thunderball Rally."

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