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Dungeon Issue #108 with Polyhedron #167

Dungeon #108 Cover
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A massive horned statue at the center of the village of Dramshae draws interest from townsfolk and extraplanar interlopers alike. A D&D adventure for 11th level characters.
By Scott Stearns

Once again, the Adventurers Guild has sent out the call for those who dub themselves great adventurers to compete in a contest designed to challenge low- and high-level heroes alike. Can you make it through to victory without suffering the humiliation of defeat? A D&D adventure for characters of any level.
By Jonathan M. Richards


All that you see is not all that there is. The world is a buzzing hive of conspiracies, from subtle alien plots aimed at taking over the world to the centuries-old machinations of numerous illuminati groups, your player character investigators may be the last hope of the freedom loving citizens of Earth. A d20 MODERN Mini-Game of conspiratorial suspense.
By Andy Collins

Dungeon 108 “Challenge of Champions” Free Download

Download the player handouts for the "Challenge of Champions" adventure.

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