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The Order of the Stick #2: No Cure for the Paladin Blues

***** (based on 2 ratings)
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The Order of the Stick is back in action (and in color!) in this second volume compiling the popular fantasy gaming satire webcomic in convenient book format. Watch in amazement as The Order of the Stick, everyone's favorite band of hopelessly incompetent adventurers, leaves the dungeon behind (probably a good idea, considering they blew it up anyway) and ventures out into the great outdoors. Thrill to encounters with bandits, dragons, assassins, and perhaps the most terrifying of all—paladins! Watch in amazement as the Order of the Stick finds itself caught between the forces of Good and Less-Than-Good as their stupid little adventure turns into a stupid epic adventure to save their very world!

What's in No Cure for the Paladin Blues, you ask?

  • A hefty 244 pages of full color comedy; that's a full half-inch thick!
  • Printed on high-quality paper to ensure your book lasts longer than the current edition of the rules it satirizes.
  • Enjoy 14 all-new bonus strips that fit in (mostly) seamlessly with the existing story.
  • Skip past more than 12 pages of self-absorbed author commentary.
  • Foreward by Scott Kurtz, creator of the webcomic PVP.
  • Preface by Vaarsuvius, elven wizard.
  • A detailed recap of the events of Dungeon Crawlin' Fools by Elan the Bard.
  • And yes, the book contains translations for Haley's cryptograms.

NOTE: Copies sold as "Non-Mint" have been dinged or bent during the course of shipment, or have some markings on the cover, so we're making them available at a discounted price. While they have some cosmetic damage, they'll make great second reading copies or companions for your gaming table. There will be no refunds on these non-mint copies.

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***** (based on 2 ratings)

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OOTS Saga Goes Further


This is the second compilation of the adventures of The Order Of The Stick and now, like on the first expansion to ye olde original D&D rules, it is time to leave the dungeon and explore the world at large.

Now the characters are further developed and the main plot starts to shape, while the humour and emphasis move little by little away from D&D parody, in favour of the storyline and other original content. Fear not, much hilarity is still included and obscure rules references will not be abandoned.

As with the first volume, there are loads of additional content, making this book just as essential. Great job, Rich!

Everything you hope for and more...


Great art, dialouge, and storytelling. Well worth the price, and with nice additional material not available on the website.

Highly enjoyable for people who are currently part of the rollplaying scene, or people like me, who left D&D behind a long time ago back when "Advanced" was considered something kinda newfangled and sexy.... Gift Certificates
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