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The Order of the Stick #0: On the Origin of PCs

***** (based on 7 ratings)
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Ever wonder how the Order of the Stick met? Or why on earth Roy would ever hire Elan? Or whether any of the OOTSers ever knew each other before the team formed? All of these questions and many others have been left annoyingly unanswered in the online edition of the Order of the Stick.

But wait! Now you can know! Now your burning curiosity that borders on unhealthy obsession can at last be sated, for the new OOTS book is here—and it's a prequel!

Yes, travel back with Rich Burlew, creator of the popular gaming comic The Order of the Stick, as he unearths the secret origins of your favorite adventurers in the first all-new never-posted-on-the-internet version of OOTS. In The Order of the Stick: On the Origin of PCs, you'll discover the answers to all of the following questions:

  • How did Haley leave the employ of the Thieves' Guild?
  • Why was Durkon sent into human lands by the high priest of Thor?
  • What was Roy like in Fighter College?
  • What ever happened to Elan's last employer?
  • What does Belkar really think of the Monk class?
  • Why DO they call themselves the "Order of the Stick"? (No, for real this time.)

Presented in 72 glossy pages of glorious black-and-white art (for that nostalgic "old movie" feel), the book also features a preface by Redcloak the Goblin Cleric. The Order of the Stick: On the Origin of PCs is a must for any fan of the comic series. Well, any fan who doesn't want to be kept up nights worrying about the horrible, horrible truth about their favorite characters. Trust us—your sanity practically DEMANDS you own this book!

Six brave stick-figure adventurers embark on a semi-epic journey to overcome hardship, villainy, and the rules of their favorite fantasy roleplaying game in The Order of the Stick.

And now you can own the first 121 strips of Rich Burlew’s ridiculously popular webcomic epic in easy-to-read-in-the-bathroom book format! Time and again, you’ll be able to read as Roy, Elan, Belkar, and the rest of the OOTS cast face off against power-mad liches, snippy goblin's henchmen, rebellious teenagers, clown puppets, and their own crushing incompetence.

The Order of the Stick: Dungeon Crawlin’ Fools features 160 pages of full-color comics, including 18 all-new, never-seen-on-the-web bonus strips. Plus, commentary by the author, prefaces by James Wyatt and Belkar Bitterleaf, and scads of random extras we crammed in wherever there was a gap in the page count. This is THE definitive version of the early OOTS adventures, and you like being definitive, don’t you? Of course you do.

NOTE: Copies sold as "Non-Mint" have been dinged or bent during the course of shipment, or have some markings on the cover, so we're making them available at a discounted price. While they have some cosmetic damage, they'll make great second reading copies or companions for your gaming table. There will be no refunds on these non-mint copies.

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***** (based on 7 ratings)

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Awesome book


This is another great OOTS book. All D&D players should have it.

Nobody can resit the OOTS

****( )

This book is the greatest thing to hit the scene, its a must read for all the D&D fans, the fact of it is that two of the people in my D&D group (We meet every saturday th RolePLay) based their characters on this book, bravo Rich.
: Nyoko

For relaxing times... read it.


There is something clever in the script. First story doesn't seem to start as sharp as in daily comics. But I noticed how well story builds up page after page. Quite amazing change to the one page publishments.

As I expected, after I finished reading On the Origin of PCs I craved for more. Oh I wanted to really get more of it on my hands, but there was nothing I could do. At next day I reread most of the jokes and found lovely details I missed at first time and laughed more.

OOTS have some mind boggling ideas in it, just like Sandman comics. :-)

If YOU can't affordit, buy it together with your friend.

Get it. Read it.


As an avid follower of the webcomic & an active (perhaps overactive) member of Rich's forum/online community (Giant in the Playground), I am admittedly a bit biased. But nonetheless, I feel that I can almost objetively say that this was a great buy. The art, as always, is excellent in its stick-figure simplicity, and the jokes clever. There's less humor directly sprouting from the characters' 'Awareness of the Dice,' but more from the storyline, which gets even better when Rish is not limited to a single 'page' at a time.
And besides, knowing all this story makes reading the webcomic three times a week even better than it already was! (Which I didn't think possible.)

Get the back story on your OOTS fix!


Don't know about the OOTS?
Well get from under that rock and get The Order of the Stick: Dungeon Crawlin’ Fools!
Then you'll know why you need to get this book next! (and if you already follow the OOTS, you already know why).
No color, but it will hardly matter while you see what makes up this crazy team of LG, CG and CE characters!
(p.s. read it quickly for the story, then properly REALLY read it! - you gotta go over each slowly to see the real cleverness)

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