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Dungeon Issue #136


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Tensions Rising
by Ryan Smalley

An airship carrying vital secrets has gone down in the Starpeaks. Now the PCs must race a sinister necromancer through a labyrinth of treacherous canyons to retrieve the information before it falls into the wrong hands. But the dolgrims that currently live there have other ideas. An Eberron adventure for 4th-level characters.

The Coming Storm
by Greg A. Vaughan

The denizens of a cursed temple that manifests only during the height of powerful storms are raiding the surrounding lands. What mysterious treasures and hideous dangers wait within the Temple of Celestial Winds? A D&D adventure for 10th-level characters.

Gates of Oblivion
by Alec Austin

When an adventuring party fails to stop a shadowy ritual, it’ll take powerful heroes to step in to pick up the pieces and prevent the Gates of Oblivion from consuming the Material Plane. A D&D adventure for 18th-level characters.

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