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Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

Dungeon Issue #103 with Polyhedron #162

Dungeon 103 Cover

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The evil wizard Huhueteotl’s flame mages threaten the Duchy of Urnst! Track the curs to their fiery lair, take a dip in liquid hot magma, and prepare yourselves for a chilling surprise. A D&D adventure for 7th-level PCs.
By Kent Ertman

While relaxing at the Berlingford Spring Faire, the heroes stop a pack of wild dogs from savaging innocent revelers. But these are just the latest in a long line of unnatural animal attacks. Investigation leads to a wide-ranging plot hatched in the depths of the treacherous Forest of Blood. A D&D FORGOTTEN REALMS adventure for 5th-level PCs.
By Wil Upchurch

Bonus Subscriber Section:
After a long day’s travel, the PCs take refuge in a safe little village inn for an honest night’s sleep. Fate intervenes when the inn falls into a deep self-sealing sinkhole, and the heroes must help surviving patrons out of a complex cave system without accidentally stumbling into the Plane of Shadow. A D&D adventure for 4th-level PCs.
By Phillip Larwood


Plunge your game deep into CODE ORANGE with this ruthless terrorist organization that’s determined to rule the world!
By Rodney Thompson

THE LIVING GREYHAWK JOURNAL: Denizens of the Bright Lands
The Bright Desert holds some of the darkest secrets of the WORLD OF GREYHAWK. Challenge Rary the Traitor, ally with the noble desert centaurs, or run in terror from hideous desert trolls.
By Creighton Broadhurst

The computer age has brought with it a new brand of criminal: the hacker. The latest installment of our d20 MODERN NPC column provides a group of the world’s best computer crooks. Will they be friends or allies?
By Rodney Thompson

Official Star Wars RPG maps, stats, and adventure hooks for the most famous starship in the galaxy.
By Christopher West

As the result of errors contained in this issue, the following was printed in the letters column of issue 105:

“Glacial Inferno” (#103): The map of the Halls of Huhueteotl seems to have been cursed, at it contained no fewer than three errors.

Areas 10 and 10a are the small rooms incorrectly labeled area 18 in the bottom right-hand corner of the map. Area 14, unlabeled on the map, is the southernmost center room with the pool. Lastly, area 20 is incorrectly labeled area 28 on the map. When it rains the fires of Huhueteotl, apparently, it pours. Sorry about the mix-up.

We also inadvertently left off a paragraph about the frozen soul on page 35. Here’s the missing text:

The frozen soul can be devastating to the local climate. Crops are quite sensitive to temperature changes, and even the 10-degree drop can be devastating to local farms. Outside 10 miles the cold front generated by the artifact continually collides with warm air masses, spawning tornadoes, wicked thunderstorms, and paralyzing ice storms.

Strong conjuration and evocation; CL 20th; Weight 1 oz.

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