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Rolling Rocks, A Stonehenge Physical Dexterity Game by Tyler Tinsley

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1–5 players. The players are all giants working together to roll rocks though all five trilithons of Stonehenge in this dexterity game. To aid them in this difficult task they get to place bars to help guide the rolling rocks. Will the giants win before they run out of rocks or will the game defeat them?

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Rolling Rocks, A Stonehenge Physical Dexterity Game by Tyler Tinsley

History has long forgotten the gentle giants of the Celts. It's fitting that the only monument they left behind was their playground: Stonehenge. Working together, they would create new challenges for themselves to solve. The last game they played before leaving for Atlantis was Rolling Rocks, forever leaving Stonehenge in it's now iconic formation.

Game Rules

Number of players: 1–5

Object of the game: The players are all Celtic giants working together to beat one of their favorite games. For the giants to win they have to roll one disk (called a rock) though all five trilithons. The giants lose if they run out of rocks before they have passed though all five trilithons.

Getting Started

Equipment: Each player takes ten rocks and ten bars of the same color. The five trilithons and the game board are also used.

Setup: Place the board on a hard level surface and make sure each player can access the side of the board with the “Stonehenge” logo. Place the five trilithons on the board according to one of the courses on the “course and score card PDF” (PDF Available soon at ). New groups should start with the easy challenge first and work their way to the harder ones. If the course and score PDF is not available then place the trilithons in their positions as marked on the board.

If your table is not level you can use the deck of cards to level out the board by strategically placing cards under the board at the low areas.

Playing the Game

Play Overview
The players take turns using the bars and then making one roll. The game ends when all five trilithons have been passed though or all players run out of rocks.

Using the Bars
At the start of your turn you may add one bar to the board or move up to two bars already on the board to new positions.

Start a roll by standing one of your discs (rocks) on its rounded edge anywhere directly behind the Stonehenge logo. Then using any method you desire cause the rock to roll down the board at the trilithons.

Successful roll
If it rolls trough a trilithon place the rock in the cap stone position to remind all players that it has been passed though and to give special honor to the player who accomplished the task. If the rock happened to pass though two or more trilithons use the figures to mark the additional trilithons.

Failed roll
If the rock crosses the “Stonehenge” logo and did not pass though one of the trilithons place the stone out of play.

Flubed roll
If the rock does not cross the “Stonehenge” logo the player can roll again using the same rock.

Ending the Game

The players win if all trilithons have been marked with a cap stone or figure, count each players remaining rocks and write it down on the score card for that course, next game try to beat your score or try a more difficult course.

The players lose if they run out of rocks. Write down the number of trilithons that were marked with capstones and figures and try to get closer to winning the next game.

Tyler Tinsley is himself a descendant of the Celtic giants, although he is widely known for his civil rights work in gaining equal treatment for giants. He recently retired from his social work and has attained a position of total obscurity in the fields of game design and illustration. His continuing adventures in futility are chronicled on the web site .

This rule set is for use with Stonehenge: An Anthology Board Game™ from Paizo. Stonehenge may be purchased at or at your favorite local game store. © 2016 Paizo Inc. Titanic Games, its logo, and Anthology Board Game are trademarks of Paizo Inc. in the U.S.A. and other countries. All rights reserved. This contribution was made under the Anthology Board Game Library Agreement, whose conditions apply to the material in this document. For more free Stonehenge rule sets, visit the Stonehenge Library at

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