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Spirit Convocation, A Stonehenge Racing Game by Jeffrey D. Myers

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3–5 players. A magical race to see which druid's group of spirits will be first to completely arrive at Stonehenge for the annual convocation.

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Spirit Convocation, A Stonehenge Racing Game by Jeffrey D. Myers

I designed the core of this game while laying down and waiting for the family to arrive home shortly after having played the first three games in the boxed set.

Game Rules

Number of players: 3–5

Object of the game: By casting a series of spells, be the first to have all ten spirits of your color arrive at the base of your trilithon.

Getting Started

Equipment: Ten disks (spirits), figure (druid spirit master, representing the player), and ten bars (magical connections) of one color for each player, one trilithon for each player, and the deck of cards.

Setup: Each player puts their druid spirit master in the capstone of their trilithon, then places the trilithon in the closest trilithon space on the board. The deck is shuffled without trilithon cards and each player receives five cards. The players place one of their spirits on each of the small stones indicated by their five cards, which are then discarded to form a discard pile. The remainder of the deck is reshuffled with the trilithon cards, and each player receives five more cards.

Playing the Game

The most druidic player starts. On each turn, a player may take any one of the following actions:

(1) Play and discard a numbered card and put one of his or her spirits on the corresponding small stone.

(2) Move all the player's spirits from the inner ring to the corresponding spaces of the outer ring, if unoccupied. If one has two spirits on both day and night small stones for a space, only one can be moved to the outer ring. If the color of the space matches the spirit's color now in the space, that spirit may pass through to the base of its trilithon. It has arrived at Stonehenge! One or more spirits of the player's color may then travel between spaces of the outer ring as in option (3), below.

(3) Place a magical connection between two spaces of the outer ring. One or more spirits of the player's color may then travel between connected spaces of the outer ring, using magical connections of any color, to unoccupied spaces. If the space or spaces traveled to match the player's color, spirits thereon may pass through to the base of their trilithon. All traveling must take place before spirits pass through to their trilithon.

(4) Play and discard a numbered card, then swap a spirit of the corresponding color in the outer ring with one of the current player's spirits on a small stone of the same space or on a connected outer ring space.

(5) Play and discard a trilithon card to take any magical connection or spirit off the board, which piece then returns to the owner's supply.

(6) Take two cards.

If all cards are taken from the draw pile, reshuffle the discards to form a new draw pile.

OPTIONAL RULES. To make the game more strategic and/or lessen luck-of-the-draw effects, use one or more of the following options:

(a) One may not play cards of one's own color to place a spirit. If one is drawn at start, discard and redraw.

(b) One's spirits may travel between spaces of the outer ring only when a magical connection is played.

(c) The number of one's spirits that may be moved from the inner to the outer ring in a single turn is limited to three.

Ending the Game

The game ends when a player gets all ten of his or her spirits to the base of their trilithon, and that player wins!

Jeffrey D. Myers is a patent attorney in Albuquerque, New Mexico. This is his first published design, as he is better at protecting intellectual property than at creating it!

This rule set is for use with Stonehenge: An Anthology Board Game™ from Paizo. Stonehenge may be purchased at or at your favorite local game store. © 2016 Paizo Inc. Titanic Games, its logo, and Anthology Board Game are trademarks of Paizo Inc. in the U.S.A. and other countries. All rights reserved. This contribution was made under the Anthology Board Game Library Agreement, whose conditions apply to the material in this document. For more free Stonehenge rule sets, visit the Stonehenge Library at

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