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Dungeon Issue #97 with Polyhedron #156

Dungeon 97 Cover
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A pair of leprous mountain dwarves plead for the rescue of their compatriots from a deadly ettin-wight. A D&D Side Trek for 6th-level characters.
By Rob Manning

He rules a kingdom of deceit and subterfuge, and his paranoia makes him deadlier than the average beholder. A D&D “Critical Threat.”
By Robert Harris

A 185-foot iron giant has appeared out of the ocean to terrorize the coast. Its metal skin hides many secrets, and only the PCs can find a way to halt its path of destruction. A D&D adventure for 13th-level characters.
By Campbell Pentney

The DUNGEON Magazine Adventure Path begins! Enter the city of Cauldron, a metropolis recently besieged by a rash of disappearances. The population of the city is nervous, but the disappearances became personal when four orphans were taken from their beds three nights ago. The Lord Mayor is stumped, and the city needs new heroes to uncover the mystery of the lost Cauldronites. A D&D Adventure Path: Shackled City adventure for 1st-level characters.
By Christopher Perkins

The legendary demonblade has resurfaced and claimed the prince of Manderaun. Only the intrepid PCs can rid the land of the former inhabitant of the demonblade, as well as its foul minions. A D&D adventure for 16th-level characters.
By Hank Woon


By Chris Pramas

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Sovereign Court

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Campaign Setting, Maps Subscriber

Is the poster map in this issue for the Shackled City, the WW2 Polyhedron game, or something else? What does it look like? GMH

It's a tactical map of the street outside the temple of St. Cuthbert in Cauldron, where the first encounter of the campaign takes place.

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