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Stackhenge, A Stonehenge Party Game by Rich Hutnik

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1–50 players. Stackhenge is a physical dexterity party game that measure the ability of players to stack the Stonehenge disks into a single pile, one on top of another.

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Stackhenge, A Stonehenge Party Game by Rich Hutnik

I wanted to do a physical dexterity game that was very easy to teach but provided a challenge for players, and could be played with large enough people to serve as a party game. Stackhenge, which is inspired by Stack Market and Blockhead, is the result.

Game Rules

Number of players: 1–50

Object of the game: The object of the game is to be the player who can stack the most Stonehenge disks in a single stack within 60 seconds, that won't fall over.

Getting Started

Equipment: All 50 disks included in the game.
The neutral figure.
The Stonehenge box lid (recommended)
Something to time 60 seconds. A watch with a second hand or egg time works for this.

Setup: Have a level playing area with enough room to allow people to stack disks into a single pile. The box lid is recommended to be empty, flipped upside down, and set in the middle of the playing area to be used for stacking. The box lid enables disks to fall over and not roll away and get lost.

Set aside all the disks into one large area off to the side, sorting them my color. You will also need to have a space for players to hold as many disks as they bid they can stack, and also the neutral figure.

Clear the stacking area (empty the lid and flip it upside down)

One person acts as timer for the game.

Playing the Game

Players have 60 seconds to outbid each other. One person acts as timer and yells “Begin”. All other players then start yelling the bids, at least one higher than last one. Once 60 seconds is up, the player acting as timer yells “Stop”, and players record how many they bid. Starting with the highest bidder and going down to lower bidders in descending order, players then try to stack as many disks as they bid.

The player who bid the most takes as many disks as he bid into an area to pick disks up (for every 10 bid, players should use one set of color disks to help with counting). They player puts one of the disks from their pick up area and puts it in the middle of the stacking area (preferably inside the lid of the Stonehenge game). Players hold the disk between the fingers of their one hand they will use during the time they will be stacking disks. Player puts the disk on the middle of the stacking area. Once timer yells “Begin”, the player then lets go of the disk and grabs another disk with their hand.

Players grabs a disk with his fingers with his stacking hand and places the disk on top of the stack of disks. The player is only permitted to touch the current disk in his hand and let go of it on top of the stack. The player may not touch any other disk in the stack or they are disqualified. To help with counting, all disks of one color are placed on the stack before another color is placed. The last piece the player puts on top is the neutral figure.

If the player stacking, the playing area, or pieces are touched by any other players, these players who did this are disqualified and player stacking has option to start over. This rule doesn't give the stacking player the ability to touch other players for a do over. Players are not allowed to physical disrupt the player that is stacking the pieces.

If a player's stack falls over, they can start over. They clear their stacking area of all pieces but one, and then start over with one disk. Time does NOT reset.

Player continues to stack until time is up or they stack all the disks they set aside, with the neutral figure on top. If they stack all the disks before time is up, and the stack doesn't fall, that player wins. If player fails to stack the amount they bid, they lose, and next highest bidder goes next, as described above. Play continues this way until one player makes their bid. If no player makes their bid, then no one won the game.

Play with more or less time.

Single player challenge: Object is to try to stack as many disks into a single stack before the stack falls over, with the neutral figure on top. If manage to stack all 50 without the disks falling over (including the neutral figure), then see if you can do it in as least amount of time. Film this achievement and put it on Youtube (no doctored videos please). Person who does this in the least amount in the world, will be the World Record Holder. Rules for stacking are the same as the regular game.

Expansion set: Players will be able to go up to 70 disks with the Nocturne expansion.

Ending the Game

The first player who stacks the amount of disks he bid in a single stack, with the neutral figure on top (before time runs out) that doesn't fall over before time runs out, wins the game.

Rich Hutnik is a regular on Board Game Geek, contributing far too many Geeklists to that website. He created multiple games for Stonehenge. Stackhenge is an attempt by him to come up with a challenging, but easy to learn, physical dexterity game for Stonehenge. He would like to thank everyone at Dexcon 10 who helped playtest this game.

This rule set is for use with Stonehenge: An Anthology Board Game™ from Paizo. Stonehenge may be purchased at or at your favorite local game store. © 2017 Paizo Inc. Titanic Games, its logo, and Anthology Board Game are trademarks of Paizo Inc. in the U.S.A. and other countries. All rights reserved. This contribution was made under the Anthology Board Game Library Agreement, whose conditions apply to the material in this document. For more free Stonehenge rule sets, visit the Stonehenge Library at

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