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Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

Arcanis: Codex Arcanis (d20)

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It's the end of the world. In the north, the nation of Canceri begins to buckle from the weight of the theocracy's oppressive rule—most pray for death, and the rest, for deliverance.

Enemies gather round the proud nation of Milandir, each one eager to pull down its bright towers and humble its defenders. Fear gnaws at Milandir's people, and they begin to lose hope.

To the south, the once mighty Coryani Empire sleeps under an indifferent ruler while its greatest general bides his time, waiting to seize the throne for his own noble house. The Imperial Court looks on like a flock of carrion crows, ready to pick apart the corpse of the land.

The besieged Partriarch of Coryan works tirelessly to reconcile the beliefs of a dozen splinter sects, each one warring upon the others and poised to tear down the Mother Church itself. Everywhere the speakers for the gods look heavenward for guidance, and hear nothing... but silence.

The scions of the great noble houses harken to the blood of the ancient Valinor in their veins, blood that bids them to serve the gods by ruling over the rest of humanity. Plots born from an ancient treachery begin to reach fruition in the present machinations of emperors and kings. All over the continent of Onara, strife threatens to tear the nations of man apart.

It's like the end of the old world... and the beginning of a new.

Welcome to Arcanis, the World of Shattered Empires.

    This comprehensive sourcebook features:
  • A rich, original campaign setting with an in-depth look at the nations and peoples of central Onara
  • Dozens of story hooks that will provide many hours of adventure for your players
  • New races and new takes on traditional races
  • New items including weapons, armor, and magical items
  • New Feats and Skills
  • New Prestige Classes
  • New Spells and Cleric Domains
  • Special Blood Line powers

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