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Stonehenge Soccer, A Stonehenge Physical Dexterity Game by Shane Tilton

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2–4 players. Druids aren't just some ancient holy people who wear robes all day and chant around large circles. No, my friends, they also love a good game of soccer and they are awesome players. However, the rules they play with are a little weird.

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Stonehenge Soccer, A Stonehenge Physical Dexterity Game by Shane Tilton

I wanted to come up with a different type of game for this set. Most of the other games used the board that came in the set. I thought that was too traditional. So, I looked at the real Stonehenge for a very long time and I thought "soccer pitch" and worked that theme into a non-turn based game.

Game Rules

Number of players: 2–4

Object of the game: The player that shoots the soccer ball the best will win the game.

Getting Started

Equipment: You will need the box, four trilithons and a set of ten of the same color disks per player.

Setup: The box will need to be open. Only the lid of the box will be used for this game. Place one trilithon in each corner of the box. If there are just two players, the players face across each other in front of one of the corners. If there are three or four players, each player picks a corner and sits behind it. Each player will then select a color and take all of the disk of that color. One of the disks will be placed in the slot on top of their trilithon, that is the player's home goal. The rest will be kept outside of the box on the table near their respective player. These disks will represent the balls.

Playing the Game

When all of the players are ready to begin, each player touches their goal with one of their thumbs and hold their ball straight up with their pointer finger. All players yell "one, two, three, shoot" to begin. A player can then "shoot" the ball by gently flicking it with their other pointer finger. There are no turns to this game, so the players can shoot as fast or as slow as they wish.

Scoring: Each ball that makes it through the opponent's goal will score three points for the shooter, each ball that is directly touching an opponent's goal will score one point.

Penalties: If one player touches another player's ball, The other player may choose to yell "foul!" If "foul!" is yelled by any of the players, play stops. The other player points to the first player and takes a free kick. If "foul!" is called and the first player didn't touch the ball, the first player takes a free kick. Play resumes when all players yell "one, two, three, shoot."

If a player damages the box as a result of play, the player that damaged the ball forfeits the game and must agree to compensate the owner of the game.

Ending the Game

The game ends when all of the players are out of disks. Scoring is completed and the one who scored the most points wins. If there is a tie, out of the tied players, the player who has the least amount of balls through their home goal is the winner.

"What a great day for Stonehenge Soccer, Chet."

"You betcha, Bret. Both teams have just finished making their appropriate sacrifices and they are ready to take the pitch."

Shane Tilton is fan of all games and has developed several, including "Martian Gunslinger" & "Trip Away." He was made fun of his entire life for his love of soccer and believes that Stonehenge was originally designed to be either the largest soccer field ever or merely designed to confuse future generations.

This rule set is for use with Stonehenge: An Anthology Board Game™ from Paizo. Stonehenge may be purchased at or at your favorite local game store. © 2017 Paizo Inc. Titanic Games, its logo, and Anthology Board Game are trademarks of Paizo Inc. in the U.S.A. and other countries. All rights reserved. This contribution was made under the Anthology Board Game Library Agreement, whose conditions apply to the material in this document. For more free Stonehenge rule sets, visit the Stonehenge Library at

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