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Three hundred years ago Dweredell was a teeming metropolis: The last city on the road to the great dwarven kingdoms of the east. The trade which passed through its gates was born from dwarven forges and western realms, and the riches which came with that trade made Dweredell a jewel among cities. Its people prospered, and its fortunes seemed endless.

But the dwarven kingdoms fell, and Dweredell lost its glory. The traffic from the east vanished. And, with Dweredell as the road's end, the merchants of the west soon realized that the city had nothing to offer them. The city slowed, and then it began to die...

Each City Supplement provides a complete fantasy city suitable for use with the d20 System. In addition to a full-page map of the city, each supplement includes a description of the city's full history, an overview of the major organizations, adventure seeds, and a complete gazetteer. City Supplement 1: Dweredell features new d20 rules and a special bonus map of the Tower of the Sorcerer!

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