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Dragon gives you the best in gaming, presenting new official rules, original game content, great advice, and the perfect inspiration for your D&D game. In each issue, you’ll also see what cool products are on the horizon, find out what other players are up to, and get an insider’s look at the industry. Get more from your game: Get Dragon!

Arcane Ancestry 2
by Scott Carter
The power of sorcery comes from the blood. See what your sorcerer can do when something other than a dragon roosts in his family tree.

Hometown Heroes
by Ben Vandgrift
Who are the people in your neighborhood? Give your character real experience by giving some thought to her roots.

Spellcasting Feats
by Tim Hitchcock
Make spellcasting magical again with over a dozen new feats for spellcasters.

War Magic
by Joshua Cole
Learn what spells work best on any battlefield and how to cast them like a pro.

“Winning Races: Lupins,” “The Ecology of Duergar,” “A Novel Approach: Dune,” and of course, “Coup de Grace,” “Class Acts,” “Spellcraft,” “The Magic Shop,” “Gaining Prestige,” “Heroic Feats,” “Silicon Sorcery,” “First Watch,” “Player Initiative,” “Scale Mail,” “Adventurer Tricks,” “Player Tips,” “Sage Advice,” and comics!

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