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Dragon Issue #331

****( ) (based on 2 ratings)

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The Point of Pole Arms
by Ari Marmell
The awl pike, lucern hammer, and bec de corbin make their return to D&D in this expansive article. Guaranteed to take you back to the day when a 10-minute argument would erupt over which was which, and more importantly, which was better.

Alchemical Charms
by Yury Pavlotsky
Got a werewolf problem? Pick up a silver charm. Vampire eyeing up your neck? Try a garlic draught. These new alchemical items give you an edge against some of the most diabolical monsters D&D has to offer.

New Uses for Old Equipment
by Mike Mearls
Tired of all that gear that’s not doing you any good? Turn your winter blanket into a deadly trap, set up a trip line with your trusty rope, or lay bait with those stale trail rations. Explore all the possibilities to turn your mundane gear into extraordinary gear.

Fast, Furious, and Fantastical
by Frank Brunner
Cruise the dungeon inside your very own beholder-mobile. Ride a carpet of living vermin, glide through the dunes in a sand boat, or sail the seas on a haunted ship. A dozen new vehicles await, as well as some old favorites.

The Ecology of the Green Hag, A Novel Approach: Spiderwick, and of course, Class Acts, Bazaar of the Bizarre, First Watch, Scale Mail, Sage Advice, and comics.

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****( ) (based on 2 ratings)

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****( )

This is one of the most practical Dragon Magazine issues for low level characters published in recent memory. Focusing on ways non-magical gear and low level magical trinkets can overcome situations that people might think as otherwise undoable without a fireball or two makes this extremly useful to people who have limited funds and magic.
In addition the practical side of looting is very well explored, and very useful for all those people who decide to follow weight rules and suddenly find that they can't move because they're carrying too much gold. In addition the article about pole arms, the most used historically but most often ignored catagory of weapons in D&D is very helpful for anyone loooking for new ways to get a ten foot reach over their opponents, and perhaps to be more historically accurate in what weapons they're carrying.
What's better then that is that my letter got published in this issue!

****( )

Dragon #331 is one of the best issues I have read in quite some time. Well since the Ninja, pirate issue. The Green Hags article was interesting and for the first time in a while I found things I could use in nearly every section.

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