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Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

Dragon Issue #327

Dragon 327 Cover

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Tomb Raider
by Kyla Ward
“Grave robbing” is such a dirty term. Think of it as wealth recycling. Learn about tombs—their locations, traps, and treasures—from real-world examples. Design better tomb dungeons and keep them from becoming your PCs’ graveyard using the advice in this article.

The Spoils of War
by Eric Cagle
You’ve killed the dragon, dealt with its minions, and overcome its traps. Now all you need to do is divide up the loot. . . .Getting the treasure was the easy part. Discover five ways to divvy plunder, and pick the one that keeps your gaming group gaming.

With Friends Like These
by Joshua Cole
The goodie-two-shoes paladin, the ne’er-do-well rogue—they’re fun characters to play, but as anyone who’s played with them knows, they can cause a lot of trouble in an adventuring party. Yet after reading this article, you’ll know how to play any kind of cleft-chinned character or antihero PC without causing your friends grief.

The Silverfish
by Richard Lee Byers
Richard Lee Byers, author of several Forgotten Realms novels, presents a stirring short story involving characters from The Rite, second book in the Year of the Rogue Dragons series.

“Winning Races,” “The Ecology of Grimlocks,” “Novel Approach,” “Spellcraft,” “Gaining Prestige,” “Coup de Grace,” “Class Acts,” “The Magic Shop,” “Heroic Feats,” “Silicon Sorcery,” “First Watch,” “Player Initiative,” “Scale Mail,” “Adventurer Tricks,” “Player Tips,” “Sage Advice,” and comics!

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