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Dragon Issue #339

***** (based on 2 ratings)

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Campaign Classics Returns!

Classic Creatures
by Sean K Reynolds
From the animus to the xvart, sixteen of Grayhawk, Mystara, and Ravenloft’s deadliest denizens return to menace your campaign.

Races of Spelljammer
by Joshua Cole
The stoic giff, insidious insectare, and piratical scro take to the stars again!

Dead Factions
by Monte Lin
The Mercykillers, the Sign of One, and more of Planescape’s forgotten factions reclaim Sigil’s streets.

Dragon Kings
by Chris Flipse and Jon Sederqvist
Defile the land and raise your own empire as one of Dark Sun’s godlike dragon kings. The first in Dragon’s new Year of Dragons anniversary series.

The Ecology of the Draconian, Spellcraft: Masque of the Red Death, a new look for Class Acts, and comics, including Order of the Stick.

Due to licensing restrictions, the PDF Download edition of this issue does not include Order of the Stick.

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Average product rating:

***** (based on 2 ratings)

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Great cover, phenomenal all around coverage


One of the best covers I've seen, and the best illustration of the Lady of Pain I've ever seen done--awesome! A particularly well done issue, as it has a little of something for many campaign settings. The Planescape material was particuarly interesting, and long overdue. This is what Dragon needs to continue to be about: an outlet for well written articles to support D&D product past AND present. I want to see a GOOD mix of articles, and not be pounded with a single favored setting. This issue does that unusually well. Great job, guys!



I guess I didn't realize how much the classic AD&D content tugged at my heartstrings until I saw the incredible article revisiting all those classic monsters that didn't make it to 3.5. How cool! My wife's favorite monster made it into the magazine as well--the giff. What a great magazine this issue was....all the classic goodness redone for 3.5 is a surefire winner for me every time. Gift Certificates
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