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Dungeon Issue #120

***** (based on 1 rating)
Dungeon 120 Cover

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The World of D&D Poster Map (3 of 4)
The third of four giant poster maps by all-star cartographer Robert Lazaretti reveals the sinister Scarlet Brotherhood, the vast reach of the corrupt Great Kingdom, and the location of D&D’s most infamous location, the Tomb of Horrors. At last, DUNGEON readers can chart our core D&D adventures on a world map fit for kings!

The Obsidian Eye
by Nicolas Logue and Brendan Victorson
The shifting desert sands have revealed an ancient obelisk from a forgotten age, an obsidian monolith whose presence is having an unsettling effect on the surrounding desert. Ancient dead arise from the dunes, dangerous jackalweres launch attacks on caravans and villages, and the mysterious Order of the Obsidian Eye has flocked to the unearthed ruin for reasons no doubt dire. What monstrous portents do these events foretell? A D&D adventure for 3rd-level characters.

The Forsaken Arch
by Timothy J. Haener
The pearl divers of Shoalbury are in trouble. A band of birdlike kenku and ogres have been ambushing and plundering outgoing shipments of pearls, and the villagers are growing desperate. And why are the bandits stealing eyes from the bodies of their victims? A single guard survived the most recent ambush with one eye intact, and his testimony may just be enough to lead a brave band of adventurers to the bandit lair, and to the sinister cult they serve. A D&D adventure for 7th-level characters.

Lost Temple of Demogorgon
by Sean K Reynolds
His name has inspired fear in legions of heroes, and his cult has lurked in the dismal reaches of the world for countless ages. His minions are savage and feral, his worshipers vile and wretched. He is Demogorgon, and his temples are nightmare realms haunted by primeval menaces and hateful legacies from a time when the world was savage. And now, a vengeful death knight has discovered one of these lost temples—will the PCs aid him in his dark quest for revenge, or will they fall before the awakened host of the Prince of Demons? A D&D adventure for 14th-level characters.

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***** (based on 1 rating)

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Great magazine, and great maps (revised)


The issue is pure gold -- Demogorgon AND a death knight for the PCs to face? I can't wait to put an unsuspecting party through that one. However, my one complaint was that the Greyhawk maps were originally scanned at too low a resolution -- they were near impossible to read or discern any of the locations smaller than the broadest regions, even when the magnification in Adobe is set to the highest I can put it without pixellating.

However, Paizo's recently fixed and now higher-resolution maps removes this complaint as the maps are now usable and readable. That bumped my review up to 5 stars. Thanks again for giving us the chance to have great digital versions of one of the most iconic worlds in D&D. Gift Certificates
On Sale and Clearance!

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