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Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

Dungeon Issue #116

Dungeon Issue #116

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Glance 30 years into the past with "The 30 Greatest D&D Adventures of All Time." Every player and DM has his own favorites, and we've compiled a list of classic adventures with help from an all-star panel of judges including Ed Greenwood, Christopher Perkins, Bruce Cordell, and Monte Cook! Dungeoncraft and the Campaign Workbook offer more helpful suggestions for your game, and Wil Wheaton lets us in on one of his earliest D&D memories. Plus Mt. Zogon, Downer, and these great adventures:

Palace of the Twisted King
by Phillip Larwood
A blistering sandstorm finally breaks, revealing a moribund ruin long shrouded by the desert sands. Its crumbling walls might provide respite from the terrible winds, but the keep's ancient meenlock master has a special bed for visitors—his grisly operating table. A D&D adventure for 5th-level characters.

The Death of Lashimire
by Tim Hitchcock
The infamous psion Lashimire is dead, leaving an undefended fortress ripe for looting. But the PCs soon discover they aren’t the only ones after Lashimire’s fabled treasure when they begin to encounter bands of githyanki in search of a missing crystal sword. A D&D psionics adventure for 12th-level characters.

by Christopher Perkins
In the final chapter of the Shackled City Adventure Path, the heroes abandon the Material Plane to seek out a demon lord imprisoned in a bizarre asylum on the Prison Plane of Carceri. There they do battle with surviving Cagewrights, duplicitous demodands, and the mad Adimarchus himself. A D&D Shackled City Adventure Path adventure for 19th-level characters.

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