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Dungeon Issue #117

***** (based on 1 rating)
Dungeon 117 Cover

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Fallen Angel
by Keith Baker
On Olarune 9th in the 918th year since the founding of the Kingdom, one of the city of Sharn’s floating towers fell from the sky, leaving much of the Godsgate District a ruin of crushed buildings and shattered glass.  Years later, the slum is home to the ravers, bestial scavengers barely clinging to the shreds of humanity. Now, a band of ravers searches Godsgate for remnants of  a broken statue, pulling the PCs into a plot that could destroy Sharn itself. A D&D Eberron adventure for 4th-level characters.

Istivin: City of Shadows
by Greg A. Vaughan & Erik Mona
In the shadows of the great western mountains lies a tragic kingdom wracked by the desolation of war and poisoned by the opportunistic crush of would-be nobles holding false claims on ravaged lands. At the heart of this kingdom  is star-crossed Istivin, a city haunted by demonic pacts, devious dark elves, and worse. A complete Backdrop of urban dark fantasy for all D&D campaigns.

Touch of the Abyss (Part 1)
by Greg A. Vaughan
A decade ago, the drow goddess Lolth captured the city of Istivin in her world-spanning Demonweb. Adventurers eventually won the day, but the affair left a dark stain on the city’s soul that now sputters to terrible life. A D&D adventure  for 11th-level characters.

The Winding Way
by Nicholas Logue
The Temple of the Winding Way stands watch over the twisting passes of the northern mountains, but who stands watch over the temple’s terrible secret? An army of undead from a distant age lurks in the darkened catacombs, awaiting their time to march on the civilized kingdoms of man. A D&D adventure for 14th-level characters.

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Memories, Like the Corners of my Magazine


This was the first Dungeon issue I ever got. I loved it. Fallen Angel convinced me to use the Eberron Campaign Setting. Touch of the Abyss was a great adventure for just plain D&D. Istivin is a great city to use for any campaign. Lastly, the Winding Way is THE best adventure I've run in just about ever. I think that it is a issue worthy of 5 shiny purple stars! Gift Certificates
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