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Dungeon Issue #123

***** (based on 1 rating)

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Quicksilver Hourglass
By Anson Caralya
Hidden between the planes of existance and behind time itself for countless eons, the Quicksilver Hourglass has kept its terrible prisoner obscured from reality. Yet now, the leader of a transplanar conspiracy of vampiric masterminds has invaded this ancient prison, intent on unleashing a wretched doom upon all that live and breathe. An epic D&D adventure for 30th-level characters.

Salvage Operation
By Mike Mearls
Many moons ago, a powerful merchant’s fortunes collapsed as a ship filled with his wares vanished. Four days ago, the missing ship was spotted, listing terribly and adrift at sea. The merchant gathers the last of his resources to mount an expedition to the ship, yet are he and your players prepared for what lurks inside its slowly sinking ruin? A D&D adventure for 2nd-level characters.

Crypt of Crimson Stars
By Andy Collins and James Wyatt
Rumors of an Eberron dragonshard of enormous size and power have reached the ears of Tophran Damilek, one of Sharn’s wealthiest citizens. Unfortunately, the shard seems to be concealed within a trap-laden temple-tomb, a tomb itself located below a village of cruel halfling nomads and their dinosaur pets. “Crypt of Crimson Stars” is part one of the three-part “Shards of Eberron” campaign arc, which debuted at Gen Con Indy 2004 as the official D&D Open tournament, sponsered by the RPGA. An Eberron adventure for 7th-level characters.

The Amarantha Agenda
by Phillip Larwood
What happens when a sinister conjurer catches a dryad and manages to bind her fey spirit to a carnivorous tree from the Abyss? The caretakers of Heartwood Grove found out the hard way—can the PCs reclaim this sacred elven site from its corrupted mistress before she extends her powers even further? A D&D adventure for four 13th-level characters.

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***** (based on 1 rating)

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Two perfect adventures! One great issue!


Where do I even begin? Quite frankly, this is the BEST issue of Dungeon magazine I have ever read and bought. Why? Because of the two features: Quicksilver Hourglass (by Anson Caralya) and The Amarantha Agenda (by Phillip Larwood).

Quicksilver Hourglass is designed for play by level 21+ characters. To coin the Internet saying: Epic. Seriously Epic. It has some of the most powerful creatures to ever grace Dungeon magazine – and if the PCs can survive the harrowing gauntlet thrown at them, they'll face a being of divine proportions.

The Amarantha Agenda follows the tragic story of dryad transformed into a fiendish creature after being bonded to a demonic tree. All she seeks is to purify herself and become what she once was, but the taint has run its course, and her evil – though sad – is evil that must be stopped nonetheless.

This issue is serious business. And it r0x0rs the b0x0rs for it! Gift Certificates
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