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Elak of Atlantis (Trade Paperback)

****( ) (based on 6 ratings)

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by Henry Kuttner, with an introduction by Joe R. Lansdale

Swords and Spells in Lost Atlantis!

Explore the origins of sword and sorcery with Henry Kuttner’s Elak of Atlantis! Published in Weird Tales to satisfy fans of Conan the Barbarian in the wake of Robert E. Howard’s death, these four stories depict a brutal world of flashing swords and primal magic, touched by a hint of Lovecraft’s Cthulhu mythos. Never collected in a mass-market edition since their publication in the late 1930s, these exciting tales helped to establish a genre and are a critical part of any fantasy library. Also included in this collection are Kuttner’s two rare and equally groundbreaking Prince Raynor stories from 1939’s Strange Tales.

Dive into these seminal, thrilling adventure tales from one of the most important writers in science fiction and fantasy, and discover for yourself why Elak of Atlantis is renowned by scholars as a major step in the evolution of a genre.

“He had a kind of magic all writers wish they possessed. Some of us can fake it a little, but Kuttner, he wasn’t faking. He was the real deal.” —Joe R. Lansdale, award-winning author of “Bubba Ho-Tep”


  • Introduction: "Kuttner Sharpens His Literary Sword" by Joe R. Lansdale
  • Elak of Atlantis:
    • "Thunder in the Dawn"
    • "The Spawn of Dagon"
    • "Beyond the Phoenix"
    • "Dragon Moon"
  • Prince Raynor:
    • "Cursed be the City"
    • "The Citadel of Darkness"

224-page softcover trade paperback
ISBN: 1-60125-046-0
ISBN-13: 978-1-60125-046-9

"I rather liked them very much, as Kuttner's imagination is every bit as sharp as C. L. Moore's though it takes a different direction, and because his prose is much the cleaner and the stories move. —Dave Truesdale, Fantasy & Science Fiction magazine

"An entertaining collection of sword & sorcery tales." —George T. Dodds,

About the Author

Ray Bradbury once referred to Henry Kuttner as "a neglected master... a man who shaped science fiction and fantasy in its most important years." Born in Los Angeles, Henry Kuttner (1915–1958) sold his first story, "The Graveyard Rats," to Weird Tales in 1936, the same year in which he wrote a fan letter to rising science fiction author C.L. Moore, mistakenly believing her to be a man. The two were married in 1940, and in the years that followed they collaborated constantly, publishing under at least 17 pseudonyms, most notably Lewis Padgett and Keith Hammond. Along with Elak of Atlantis and Prince Raynor, both of which were created before his marriage to Moore, Kuttner's most popular solo works were the Gallegher stories, tales about an inventor who could only build robots while drunk, and who upon sobering immediately forgot their purposes. As a friend of H.P. Lovecraft and Clark Ashton Smith, Kuttner also contributed several stories to the Cthulhu mythos. In addition to writing scripts for television in collaboration with Moore, Kuttner wrote several stories that have since been translated to film, most recently "Mimsy Were the Borogroves," released as The Last Mimsy. In the years since his untimely death from a heart attack at 43, Kuttner has been cited as an influence by everyone from Marion Zimmer Bradley to Roger Zelazny, and both Richard Matheson and Ray Bradbury have dedicated novels to him.

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Product Discussion (11)

Has this title been delayed?

Paizo Employee Chief Creative Officer, Publisher

Yes, but not too badly. It's scheduled to hit port on Friday, and should be available for purchase online by about the 15th or so and in stores shortly thereafter. The good news is that "The Secret of Sinharat," the December Planet Stories release, is part of the same shipment and should be released on time.

Uh-oh: "expected January 2008". I guess I'll be waiting a mite longer now...

Where do you see the new date? It still looks like December to me...

Paizo Employee Chief Creative Officer, Publisher

The books have landed in California and should be up here within the next week or two. So we're still clinging (perhaps somewhat desperately) to a December release.

I have a new subscription that begins with "The Secret of Sinherat".
Will i also receive a copy of the elak stories or do i have to order it extra?
Thanks and take care.

Paizo Employee Chief Technical Officer

Douglas Draa wrote:


I have a new subscription that begins with "The Secret of Sinherat".
Will i also receive a copy of the elak stories or do i have to order it extra?
Thanks and take care.

Elak preceded Sinharat in the release schedule, so you'll need to order it separately. Fortunately, we're still running the "catch-up" offer for Planet Stories subscribers, so you can get any of the earlier books in the line for the subscriber price, so long as you order before the end of January.

It'd be nice to get the exact content listings of these anthologies, so we can see what stories they contain.

Has something gone wrong with the "Elak" delivery? just canceled my order. They said that it is not available??
Does this book even exist? Or does amazon have an overseas distribution problem?? Since doesn't charge postage it is cheaper for me to order through them instead of ordering back issues from you all directly. It would be also cheaper for me to order the new volumes directly from and save the postage all the way to Germany. But I figured that by subscribing I would help the series with "pre-order" sales. Will the later volumes also be delayed?

take care.

Paizo Employee Chief Technical Officer


Elak of Atlantis has been out for quite a while—it left our warehouse at the end of December. We don't have insight into, but I'll have our senior book editor make some inquiries with Amazon's distributor.

Vic Wertz wrote:


Elak of Atlantis has been out for quite a while—it left our warehouse at the end of December. We don't have insight into, but I'll have our senior book editor make some inquiries with Amazon's distributor.

Hi! has it now "in stock" so i went and ordered it. It should be here by Friday!! :-) yeee haw!!

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