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The Pantheon and Pagan Faiths (d20) PDF


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A player's guide to Clerics, Paladins, Druids, and Rangers. New classes, races, gods, spirits, spells, rules and more. Part of the award-nominated "Hunt: Rise of Evil" line.

This book covers the Pantheon, the Church United, in great detail as well as take a look at the Saints, the Outcast Gods, The Outsiders, Demi-Gods, Cults, Covens, and other minor powers.

You will find new domains, new spells, new feats, mystical birth signs, magic performed by many clerics and more.

    Inside you will find:
  • An entire playable pantheon for your world
  • Two new core classes and 10 Prestige Classes
  • 96 divine feats
  • 150 new divine spells
  • New birth sign feats that grow with your character
  • New divine options for Druids, Rangers, & Paladins
  • 40+ domains
  • New Secret and Sacred Domains
  • A new piety system for direct interaction with the Gods
  • Rules for introducing Saints and Sophists
  • ...all designed using the 3.5 rules.

This is a 208-page tome crammed with rules, background, and fantastic art.

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