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Classes of Legend: The Assassin (d20) PDF


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Of all the classic fantasy gaming archetypes we’ve tackled in our Classes of Legend series—classes like the witch and the sphere priest—the assassin is arguably the hardest to get right.

You wouldn’t think that it would be. It’s a pretty straightforward concept, after all. Killer for hire, with skills to match. But the fact is, there’s a reason that no single version of the class has met with truly widespread acceptance in the current edition of the game: Everyone’s got their own idea of what an assassin class should be. Is it a precision killer, striking from the shadows like the Japanese ninja? A murderer who wields blade and spell with equal faculty? A brutal thug slitting throats in a filthy alley?

How about all of the above? We at Lion’s Den are particularly proud to unveil Classes of Legend: The Assassin, our own take on this iconic killer.

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