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Monster Island PDF

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Be enraged. Be very enraged.

Inspired by Japanese kaiju cinema and atomic horror B-movies, Monster Island: The Game of Giant Monster Combat is a fast, funny tabletop fighting game in which gigantic creatures rumble in the jungles of their tropical island prison. Play mad scientist to invent your own kaiju or re-create your favorite movie monsters using the quick and easy creation rules. Then let the battles begin—unleash bizarre monster powers, hurl trees or boulders, and watch out for the molten lava!

Featuring cover and interior art by Bryce Nakagawa, this game includes a sheet of foldable color monster figures—or play with your own toy monsters, plastic dinosaurs, stuffed animals, and other toys. Quotes from your favorite monster movies are everywhere, and the book includes a full filmography.

Ages 8 & up, no gamemaster required.

Written by Patrick Sweeney and Bruce Harlick.

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