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Battlemaps: Dungeon Rooms Vol. VI (PDF)

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How many times have your players sneaked into a inhabited dungeon with kitchens, bathrooms or even a subterranean theater? How many times have they found barracks, larders or training rooms in the dungeon? How many times have they broken into the refectory where all the enemies are dining? With this product, you now have the perfect battlegrounds for your dungeon adventures!

This accessory features the amazing 3D-rendered maps produced by Ø1 Games. You will not find this quality in other products, since these maps are carefully modeled and rendered by professionals. These new battlemaps feature a stunning 150dpi resolution, allowing you to get an incredible print quality.

Each map shows a room from a top-down perspective with stunning lighting effects and superb 3D-rendered objects. You can easily print out these maps and place your favorite miniatures on them. Highly detailed, these maps add flavor and facilitate tactical movements while running combat encounters. A one-inch square grid is drawn on each map but blends in perfectly with the environment.

Each map is printable on a single sheet of paper, except for two maps (the Thermal Baths and the Training Room) that come divided in two sheets. You can print out the map you need in full color, or choose its grayscale-optimized version if you do not want to consume too much ink. Even if you decide to print them in color, these battlemaps will be always more cost-effective than a printed version, as you can print out just what you need... even multiples of your favorite ones.

Get Inspired
These maps are so detailed that simply looking at them can give you thousands of ideas for your own games. What is the source of those corpses in the glass cylinders inside the necromancer room? Where does that mouth-shaped portal lead? Who inhabits this perfectlyfurnished room? How does the strange elevator work? You know the answers, and your players will soon discover it.

Be Descriptive
Even if you don't use the battlemaps for combat, their amazing detail will assist you in room descriptions. Looking at the map while describing the room to the players becomes easier than reading plain text

Build Your Own Dungeon
You can assemble a dungeon using the battlemaps, connecting them with Corridors and Hallways (also available from Ø1 Games) and finally filling them with hideous critters of your choice. The players will enjoy the battle in your custom-built dungeon. More of these supplements are available, and in no time you will be able to build any dungeon you desire.

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****( ) (based on 1 rating)

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An RPG Resource Review

****( )

Whenever I design a dungeon, I like to think about the monsters which live there. What do they do when the adventurers are not around to provide some entertainment? Where do they eat, sleep and use the restroom? This set of dungeon rooms means that the dungeon 'facilities' no longer come in my scruffy drawings, but can be presented to the same high standard as previous 0one Games floorplans.

The rooms presented are a training room, a barracks (dormitory), a kitchen, a thermal baths (lucky monsters!), a dressing room, a theatre, a larder and a refectory. Each room comes in glorious colour or crisp greyscale, a room to a page apart from the baths and the training room, each of which covers a two-page spread.

These rooms are definitely lived-in, personal possessions, weapons, food and so on are spread around - this must be a well-disciplined bunch of monsters as things are quite tidy - and all it needs is for you to provide the inhabitants. It's likely an organised band under command (although you'll have to look elsewhere for the commander's quarters - a list of all existing published 'Dungeon Rooms' is provided for ready reference), and I am sure that they will not take too kindly to a bunch of rowdy adventurers roaring through their base. A decidedly interesting twist on standard dungeon fare, well worth a look. Gift Certificates
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