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World of Darkness: Book of Spirits

***** (based on 1 rating)

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A World of Infinite Shadows

The world has a Shadow, an invisible reflection where archetypes are made solid. Too often, the spirits of the Shadow slip unseen through the cracks in the wall between worlds, manipulating or possessing luckless humans to alien ends. Are you willing to look into the broken mirror and see what awaits?

A Setting Book for The World of Darkness

  • A comprehensive look at the spirit reflection of the World of Darkness, designed for mortal and supernatural chronicles alike
  • Extended rules on the interplay between the flesh and the spirit, providing ways to use spirits and the spirit-touched in any chronicle
  • A variety of mortal perspectives, as well as an extensive selection of antagonists that come from the other side
  • New spirits, Ridden, rules and setting lore for Vampire, Werewolf, Mage and more

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***** (based on 1 rating)

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Useful and Spooky


This book brings the terrifying realm of the Shadow closer to home. Full of tales of hauntings, evil spirits who possess people, and all manner of spiritual anomalies, this book is certain to be useful to anyone who wishes to explore more of the unseen world that lies behind the Gauntlet.

The contents of the book, besides the wonderfully chilling stories, include dozens of sample spirits to drop into your campaign, expanded information on loci and how they form, and additional rules regarding the Spirit-Urged and Spirit-Claimed. The book also contains a new vampire Discipline that allows interaction with the spirit world, a handful of werewolf rites and fetishes, and a few rules for dealing with non-supernaturals who attempt to consult the spirit world by ritual.

This book is highly recommended for any game in which the spirit world will be involved, even if it won't take center stage. The information and descriptions provided by this book will ensure that your players never forget their visit to the 'Other Side.' Gift Certificates
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