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Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

No Quarter Magazine #11

Our Price: $5.99


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HORDES Evolution Preview:
New warlocks and warbeasts previewed from the upcoming expansion, HORDES: Evolution, including NQ #11's cover beast, the bronzeback titan!

The Shae Mutiny—WARMACHINE pirate fiction
You've heard of the new mercenary privateers (or maybe you've been at sea for far too long.) Get the background on Phineas Shae and his Privateers (and a look at stunning concept sketches) in a tale of pirates and betrayal in this fiction by Doug Seacat.

Ternon Crag—Iron Kingdoms Adventure Location
Welcome to Ternon Crag, a freewheeling frontier town where your characters can come face to face with larger-than-life characters Alten Ashley and Asheth Magnus.

Formula P3 Inks, Washes, and the secrets of Glazing
Mike McVey, creator of the Formula P3 paint line, gives us insight into using Formula P3's inks and washes.

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