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Stonehenge: An Anthology Board Game™

****½ (based on 5 ratings)

Our Price: $39.95

Will be available
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Stonehenge has always been a mystery, its original purpose lost in time. Titanic Games asks the question: what would five world-class game designers make of such a location if they were the ones to discover it?

Titanic Games presents the world's first Anthology Board Game™. We gathered together five talented game designers and gave each of them the same board and pieces. Five unique designers resulted in five unique games: an Arthurian showdown by Richard Borg, a monumental fire sale by James Ernest, a druidic election by Bruno Faidutti, a magical convocation by Richard Garfield, and an alien chariot race by Mike Selinker.

    Stonehenge contains:
  • One rulebook with five games
  • One game board
  • One deck of 65 cards
  • Five plastic trilithons
  • 50 plastic disks
  • 50 plastic bars
  • Six plastic pawns

In addition to the five games you get in the Stonehenge box, there are lots more games you can play with Stonehenge. You can play Paul Peterson's "Stonehenge Rocks!," a Spinal Tap-esque rock concert game, which is available as a free PDF download from Knucklebones Magazine for a limited time. Look for more free games in other magazines soon! And don't miss the Stonehenge Library, a place where everyone can share the games they've written for Stonehenge. If you'd like to write a Stonehenge game and let everyone else try it, post it there.

And it doesn't stop there. In the fall, we'll be releasing the first print expansion to Stonehenge, called Stonehenge: Nocturne. Four more great game designers (Klaus-Jürgen Wrede, Andrew Looney, Bruno Cathala and Serge Laget) add three new games to the Stonehenge line. These games use the pieces for a 6th and a 7th player, included in the expansion. With every new game, Stonehenge just keeps on expanding. Come join all these great designers and be part of this ambitious project!

The five games in the box are:

Magic of Stonehenge, by Richard Garfield: Richard, the creator of Magic: The Gathering, came up with a game where wizardly druids vie to cast a spell to raise up the trilithons from the earth. The most powerful druid will be the one who can marshal more apprentices to his cause than any other. Raise your trilithon, then complete the spell to be crowned the most powerful druid in your clan.

Auction Blocks, by James Ernest: James, the designer of Kill Doctor Lucky and other classics from the Cheapass Games line, gave us a game about selling off the rocks of Stonehenge one by one. Those monoliths have been blocking the locals' view for a long time, and it's time to sell them off cheap. Bid for the stones and walk off the biggest pile of rocks you can.

The High Druid, by Bruno Faidutti: Bruno, the author of Mystery of the Abbey and Citadels, wrote a game that focuses on a druidic election. Stonehenge is divided into seven colleges, each of which gets to vote on who they want to be the High Druid. Try to control as many colleges as you can, but don’t get caught voting like everyone else, or your votes won’t count.

Arthurian Ghost Knights, by Richard Borg: Richard, the designer of Liar’s Dice and BattleLore, writes a war game that pits the long-dead Knights of the Round Table against one another in a struggle over Stonehenge. You place knightly guards at the massive trilithons, working to gain control while your foes use their swords to cut down your guards. And watch out for the capricious Morgan Le Fay, who can cause all sorts of chaos.

Chariots of Stonehenge, by Mike Selinker: Mike, the designer of Risk: Godstorm and Unspeakable Words, adapted Erich von Daniken's Chariots of the Gods into a game about alien chariot racing. You get a chariot with a telekinetic beam on the front, which you use to knock stones into the paths of your opponents. You skitter around the stones, trying to get the end without crashing into a wall. First chariot across the finish line wins!

Stonehenge Rulebook

The rulebook for Stonehenge: An Anthology Board Game is available as a PDF. - Download (6.8MB zip/PDF)

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A PDF of the rulebook for this game has been made available for download in the product description.

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