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Wilderness Tile Designer PDF

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Tired of flipping through dozens of tiles in the hopes of assembling a wilderness area suitable for your adventure? Wilderness Tile Designer allows you to design and print all the tiles for your dungeon in few minutes! Now you can run your evening adventure with tiles ready for the whole dungeon!

Wilderness Tile Designer is easy and intuitive, and you don’t need any drawing skill to build a nice-looking wilderness tile. In three easy steps, you'll be able to sketch out your wilderness area and produce every tile you need. Now your players will enjoy a complete wilderness area unfolding before them in every game session!

Wilderness Tile Designer is not a drawing program (even if appears to be one)—it takes advantage of pdf technology to assemble and combine pre-drawn dungeon tiles.

Following the acclaimed Dungeon Tile Designer, Wilderness Tile Designer is the ultimate tool for building tiles. It features a brand-new ink-saving option allowing you to dim your tile before you print it, saving up to 70% of your ink!

Note: You must have Adobe Acrobat 6.0 or higher in order to use this PDF.

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***** (based on 1 rating)

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An RPG Resource Review


The power to create lush wilderness tiles suited to your own needs is now at your fingertips - without the need to tailor your design to suit the tiles you can find! In yet another display of their mastery over PDF technology, 0one Games has produced a second 'make your own tiles' product to go with the first.

It is quite versatile, with the ability to have grass, sand, rock, etc., as the base with roads, rivers, trees and rocks, bushes and even 'special features' like cave mouths and fallen trees to add. While a dungeon is likely to be regular, as someone made it, it seems more limiting to have to create natural features on the grid layout imposed by the system, but a bit of thought and pre-design will enable you to get pretty close to what you need (although for some reason the fallen tree is determined to layer underneath a rock feature!).

The range of features is impressive and versatile, as you are given a choice of positions for rivers, trees, rocks, roads and so on - the 'special features' have just the one position on a single tile, so you need to work out how the surrounding tiles will be laid out to ensure that the item is in the right place for your needs. A couple of gridded reference sheets are supplied for you to concoct your overall design before you begin.

The biggest problem is that you cannot save anything - once you have designed each tile you have to print it out (so no planning your layout on the train and printing it out when you get home!). That aside, it has wonderful potential for anyone who wants to be able to display the surroundings clearly to their players... now I cannot wait for a 'village tile designer' so that I can add buildings to my layouts! Gift Certificates
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