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Ars Magica: Covenants—Lion Rampant Edition PDF

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This supplement, published in 1990 by Lion Rampant, was the original guide to creating covenants for Ars Magica under the game's 2nd Edition, and has been long out of print. Besides including rules for creating the covenant, "the central character in your saga," this book included four extraordinary examples of Ars Magica covenants, one for each season:

  • Lariander: Located in the middle of a bizarre faerie forest, this Spring covenant is on the brink of total chaos. The grogs are slothful, the companions decadent, and the magi inexperienced.
  • Bellaquin: A Summer covenant, it actually rules an entire fiefdom and deals extensively with the medieval nobility. It is the home of minstrels, sages, and all too much intrigue.
  • Doissetep: This sinister covenant is infamous among magi, and only partly because it has the largest library in Christendom. An Autumn covenant, its enormous mountain fastness in the Pyrenees is nearly impenetrable.
  • Val-negra: This Winter covenant is a place so strange, that it is slowly drifting away from the normal flow of time. Most magi think it was destroyed long ago; it may have been better if it was.

Authors: Mark Rein•Hagen

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