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Dragon Issue #355

****( ) (based on 1 rating)

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Cover Date May 2007 Shipped to Subscribers 3 Apr 2007 Appeared on Newsstands 25 Apr 2007

Creature Catalog VI
by Kevin Baase, C. Wesley Clough, et al.
You can never have too many monsters! The sixth entry into our long-running series of bestiaries presents eleven new threats and old favorites, including the cannon golem, the obilviax, the rot giant, the scarecrow, and more!

Seven Saintly Domains
by Hal Maclean
Standing in opposition to the seven deadly sins, these goodly domains allow your cleric to extoll the virtues of charity, chastity, generosity, humility, patience, temperance, and zeal.

Music in D&D
by Jose Montero
Take advantage of your iPod, iTunes, and some of our own playlists to jazz up your next game.

The Ecology of the Devourer, Volo's Guide, Dragonmarks, Class Acts, Scale Mail, Sage Advice, Savage Tidings, and comics, including The Order of the Stick, and more!

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****( ) (based on 1 rating)

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A Good Read

****( )

This issue went well for me, as I had been looking for some new ideas on a campaign I was preparing.
The article on using music during gameplay introduced a new concept to me, and their suggestions for songs seem to have some really good picks, even if their method offered for getting them(A D&D-supported iMixes folders) is out-of date.
I also got a lot out of their Creature Catalog this time around, with my favorite of the list being the Scarecrow monster. A construct with a malevolent look that's seething with fear affects, it hit a note with me, and may see usage in my campaign sooner than later.
Overall, all of the articles held some interest by me, and I would like to think others would find this issue as helpful as I have. Gift Certificates
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