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GameMastery Encounter: The Vault of the Whispering Tyrant (OGL) Compleat Encounter

****( ) (based on 4 ratings)

Our Price: $16.95


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Ages ago, he swore that his rule would last forever, that the kingdom need never fear life without his protection. Now he lives on as a lich, issuing terrible decrees in a hoarse whisper through rotting teeth. A Compleat Encounter, scalable to any level, featuring a lich sovereign, his mummy queen, and the wretched soulstone.

• Written by Sean K Reynolds
• Designed by Ramón Pérez
• Sculpted by Dennis Mize
• Cartography by Christopher West

Paizo Publishing's GameMastery™ Line is designed to help GMs run interesting games quickly and efficiently.
Compleat Encounters provide everything you need to run a single encounter:

  • 3 brilliantly sculpted, high-quality, 25mm-scale one-piece metal miniatures
  • 4 double-sided full-color 5"x8" minis-scale map cards
  • a detailed level-scalable microadventure with statistics compatible with the world’s most popular roleplaying game.

"Adventure Only" products include only the adventure and map cards, and do not contain the miniatures.

Miniatures painted by Stephen Radney-MacFarland
(The product includes unpainted metal miniatures.)
Original sculpts for the miniatures.

Desktop wallpaper of the painted minis
Desktop wallpaper of the concept artwork
Desktop wallpaper of the map cards

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Product Reviews (4)

Average product rating:

****( ) (based on 4 ratings)

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Golarion beta test

****( )

As an adventure, Vault of the Whispering Tyrant, like the rest of the Compleat Encounters line, is a little sparse. In general, this one is worth picking up for the excellent minis and for a glimpse into the origins of Golarion. For the right level party, and placed in the right campaign, this series of encounters would be a ton of fun and quite a challenge. But if you're looking to use Tar Baphon in your Pathfinder campaign, think again--he's nowhere near epic enough to warrant his place on the cover of the Campaign Setting. Then again, this was produced before Paizo even knew there would be a Golarion. The maps create a high quality dungeon, but aren't 100% intuitive in terms of positioning them, and their double-sided nature makes them less useful outside of the adventure.

Great miniatures, fun kick-down-the-door encounter

****( )

Seriously, if you need an eight foot tall lich, you can't go wrong. The encounter stuff is also quite fun, though I purchased mainly for the metals.

Fun to paint and play

****( )

I had great fun painting these figs. The sculpts were very well done, with some interesting details.

We ran the adventure, the only thing was the limitations imposed by the size of the tiles. With a party of four, and each tile basically representing a "room" in the dungeon, things got a little crowded.

But the quality of the tiles and the figs, and the adaptable nature of the adventure far outshine that little problem. It was certainly an excellent value.

I'm glad I purchased it.

Excellent sculpts, great for its usability in any campaign

****( )

I used this Compleat Encounter to run a short session for one of my players who ran the last campaign sessions for us. We wanted to find out what had happened to her character, lost alone in a huge dungeon complex during all this time, and I decided to use the Vault of the Whispering Tyrant.

The miniatures themselves are absolutely gorgeous. I particularly love the lich's "concubine". Great to find a female non-vampire undead so nicely (or should I say, creepily) done.

The reason for the "4" is the actual map. While the perspective weren't as bothering with the Dark Elf Sanctum, the use on this battlemap in four tiles of numerous stairs makes it sometimes hard to see what section of floor is "above" and which is "down". A bit confusing.

Still, a great Compleat Encounter for the mini-plot and miniatures. Gift Certificates
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