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Pathfinder Roleplaying Game


Pathfinder Society

Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

No Quarter Magazine #10

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Grind: Warjack Combat Sport Heart pumping action. Clashing warjacks in team colors. One gigantic spike-covered metal ball. This is Grind -- a warjack combat sport like no other. Also join studio terrain maker Alphonso "the traitor" as he constructs an arena worthy of grinding the opposing team to dust!

New Warbeast Bonding Rules for HORDES At last bonding rules for your warbeasts! Give each of your warbeasts unique abilities that make them work in interesting, new ways with your warlock. Included is a HORDES mini campaign specifically designed to test out these new powers!

2007 League Season Primer Get the inside scoop on the WARMACHINE leagues starting up this January. Sample the Bounties, Boasts, and Scenarios you'll encounter and, of course, the league prizes.

Trail of Champions: US Nationals Results We meet the winners of the 2006 Gen Con Indy US Nationals Open. Learn the secrets of their success and find out what it takes to a winner in our first installment of Trail of Champions.

New Druid Class for Members of the Circle Orboros Command beast, storm, and stone when you play an initiate of the Circle in your Iron Kingdoms games. This alternate druid base class is your first step to becoming an infamous 'blackclad' of the Circle Orboros. Also gear up with druid armor and weapons in Foundry, Forge, & Crucible.

WARMACHINE: Prime Remix Preview Matt Wilson, creator of WARMACHINE, takes us behind the scenes of this month's release of WARMACHINE: Prime Remix. Find out what is new in the full-color high-octane version of the Steam-Powered Miniatures Combat rule book that started it all.

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