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Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

No Quarter Magazine #9


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New Rules for Themed Armies Now you can construct themed armies based on the fighting forces described in WARMACHINE: Superiority. New rules cards insert included for these tournament ready armies.

Two-player HORDES Winter Campaign It's the season of giving. So give out a beat down in this winter-time war for any two HORDES armies. Experience the harshness of new, chilling winter-terrain rules.

Grand Master Painting Competition This fall we hosted the first U.S. Grand Master painting competition at Gen Con Indy. The entires blew our minds. See all the winning entries and many honorable mentions in this issue.

Feats for Pistol Packin' Adventurers Only newbs bring a vorpal blade to a gun fight! Deadly new feats for gun-slingers with alternate uses for the Craft(Small Arms) skill that will have your characters lock-and-loaded for their next shootout.

Paint the Town with Forumla P3 Mike McVey gives us the low down on the new paint line from Privateer Press. Get the very best out of your faction's true colors. Includes a handy chart for selecting shade and highlight colors for us mere mortal painters.

And A Lot More... Stuffed to the hilt, this issue includes interviews from the first-ever HARDCORE tournament, a new WARMACHINE Challenge, a battle report, merciless Skorne tactics, Fell Caller feats, and Gerrigan Hern - Low Captain of Five Fingers. If this issue were an encounter, it would be a TPK.

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