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Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

Dungeon Issue #114

Dungeon 114 Cover

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The Birth of a New Era!
This issue kicks off a new era for Dungeon, with these exciting features!

Mad God’s Key
by Jason Bulmahn
A hunt for a missing key leads the heroes from the streets of the city of Greyhawk to the Tomb of Blood Everflowing in the treacherous Cairn Hills. A Living Greyhawk-compatible adventure for 1st-level characters.

Torrents of Dread
by Greg Vaughan
A supernaturally powerful storm, mudslides, and agitated dinosaurs are the least of the worries in the tropical village of Mora. The village’s spiritual leader, the Zombie Master, has gone missing, and now undead rise from sodden graves and the village matriarch lies dead, murdered by her own son. What dire menace awaits in the flooded catacombs below? Find out in this adventure for 6th-level characters, set on the infamous Isle of Dread.

Thirteen Cages
by Chris Thomasson
At last! The heroes finally track down the insidious Cagewrights for a final showdown in their lair deep beneath the volcano of Cauldron. But who secretly leads the Thirteen, and what will his final message mean for the PCs? A Shackled City Adventure Path scenario for 16th-level characters.

Backdrop: The Isle of Dread
by Gary Holian
Detailed encounter charts, a poster map, adventure hooks, new monsters, and places of mystery complete this overview of a dinosaur-ridden jungle island that has spelled doom for thousands of D&D players. Suitable for any campaign.

Monte Cook’s “Dungeoncraft,” Wil Wheaton’s “Wil Save,” the Campaign Workbook, and an all-new format!

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The PDF download is great, but it missing the Map of Dread which is advertised in the Blurb, after hours of hunting I found
this has the Map, and the Illistrations are great. The supplement really needs to be include with the download.
Richard Gift Certificates
On Sale and Clearance!

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