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Pirates 2-Player Accessories Pack: Booty Finder & Tokens

Our Price: $11.99

Out of print

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Avast ye Swabs! This be Capt'n Sweigart, Scourge of the Seven Seas. I've mapped out every island chain 'round the globe and there be no man alive who can outsail me or me crew! How did I become the world's greatest sailor, ye ask? Why, with me Booty Finder of course! Now I'm sharing the tools of me trade with all you young buccaneers with aspirations of pirate glory! Yo Ho!

The Pirates "Booty Finder" Two-Player Accessories Pack is a must for all players of WizKids' Pirates constructible strategy game!

This accessory contains Two "Home Port" marker flags to mark each player's Home Island and ten (10) "Explored" tokens to mark each explored isle.

The Booty Finder is a remarkable measuring tool to determine moving distance and shooting distances during your games! Made from a clear blue acrylic plastic, long and short lengths are clearly marked on this spyglass-shaped distance finder.

Defeat your rival pirate captains and claim your treasure as the greatest pirate to sail the seas with Gale Force Nine's Pirates Accessories!

    The Gale Force Nine Pirates "Booty Finder" 2-player Accessory Set contains:
  • 1 Pirates Booty Finder
  • 1 Black Flag Home Port Marker
  • 5 Black Explored Tokens
  • 1 Tan Flag Home Port Marker
  • 5 Tan Explored Tokens

Product Availability

This product is out of print.

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