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D&D Miniatures—War of the Dragon Queen: Purple Worm

****½ (based on 3 ratings)

Our Price: $21.00


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This single miniature from the Dungeons & Dragons Miniatures War of the Dragon Queen tradeable miniatures set is molded out of high-impact plastic and comes fully painted. Use it to beef up your D&D minatures army or add to your D&D roleplaying experience!

This miniature may or may not be in the original bag, and may or may not include the stat card.

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Average product rating:

****½ (based on 3 ratings)

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Classic Purple!

****( )

The Purple Worm is an pre-painted miniature from Wizards of the Coast's War of the Dragon Queen (uncommon rarity).

You can get a pretty solid look at this mini from just about every angle at this short miniatures video HERE. The purple worm mini appears in motion at the 45 second mark.

Although technically Huge-sized, gargantuan props are deserved for the corkscrew pose. You can almost hear it ripping out of the rocks as it bears down on your PCs. You have to give the artist props for the hive of teeth on this thing, almost evoking thoughts of the Sarlacc monster. This mini forces one to contend with a difficult choice. Surely you will want to re-paint this miniature into a more sensible color, perhaps a grey desert worm ala the classic Dune series. But RPG purists know that a purple worm just has to be purple--and the existing paint here works surprisingly well. The black undercoating somehow makes the dark purple shade look like a rubbery monster carapace. The biggest flaw this mini contends with is the massive fault line where the different segments of this mini were joined. It's too bad they could not have been camouflaged more by the sculpt. Over all though it's hard to complain about a gigantic mini that looks this good.

Great Figure


I was lucky enough to have gotten this bad boy back in one of the blind boxes, and I'm happy I did. Not only is this miniature beautiful, but dynamic and a solid beast. Excellent buy.

Purple Worm


Huge monster. great price. Great detail. Buy at this price. Gift Certificates
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