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How the Elephant Got its Spots: A Devil Bunny Fairy Tale PDF

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This dada comic features Devil Bunny as the central hero, dodging harsh obstacles and several unrelated storylines to take Mister Blue fishing at the edge of the world. Another 12-page comic that aptly defines, by way of not explaining at all, the Devil Bunny ethos.

In 1992, James Ernest created a 12-page comic about Devil Bunny, a bizarre hero who sets off on a quest to find a perfect turkey for his girlfriend Zelda. The whole comic was created using images from a single sheet of dry-transfer clip art, more or less without the aid of a computer.

Devil Bunny reappeared in two more comic books: the holiday favorite A Devil Bunny Christmas, and the extremely dada How the Elephant Got its Spots. He also resurfaced in two Cheapass Games: Devil Bunny Needs a Ham and Devil Bunny Hates the Earth.

Now the three original comics are available as downloadable PDFs, for just a dollar apiece.

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