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Art of Michael Möbius: Sheer Desire

Note: This product has been identified as adult content.

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Michael Möbius was born in 1968 and spent his formative years in his native East Germany. When the walls to that Communist "no fun" zone came down, this creative illustrator's love of the female form was set free as well!

Inspired by such fellow iconic innovators as Sorayama and Renato Casaro, Michael launched a new career as an illustrator of erotic visions. An artist of high voltage and luxurious delights, Möbius' work has already been featured in many gallery showcases throughout the world.

Sheer Desire is an oversized premiere presentation of his finest work, in glorious full color on heavyweight stock. In addition to some fascinating pencil sketches and progressive studies, it also contains a massive, eye-popping 4-page foldout which showcases a single work in astounding detail! Want to see the next big player in erotic and fantasy illustration? Get ahead of the curves with The Art of Michael Möbius!

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