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Shadowrun 4th Edition Gamemaster's Screen PDF

****( ) (based on 1 rating)

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The Shadowrun, Fourth Edition Gamemaster's Screen includes a four-panel GM screen, plus a 32-page Contacts and Adventures booklet, which features a variety of NPCs with complete stats, over 30 plot hooks covering a wide range of shadowrunning possibilities, the SR3 to SR4 character conversion rules, and two pages of additional tables that we couldn't squeeze onto the GM Screen itself.

The PDF version includes the full GM Screen, front and back, in one giant 33 by 11 inch file; the 32-page Contacts and Adventures booklet; and all four panels of the GM Screen plus the two pages of tables from the Contacts & Adventures booklet in easily printed pages formatted for letter-sized paper.

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****( ) (based on 1 rating)

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A must have

****( )

Alright. I had a nice review, and it was eaten for some reason. Gotta love it.

SR is a game that loves its charts, and if you don't use them, it really robs the game of its charm. If you don't regularly apply low visibility penalties, bright flare penalties, or the like, then you deny those PCs with cybereyes a real chance to shine.

Enter the screen! It comes with a buttload of charts: A combat sequence, visibility modifiers, skills and linked attributes, difficulty table, concealability table, weapon range, melee/ranged modifiers in combat, defense modifiers, and damage codes, to name a few.

The art on the player's side of the screen is all taken from the SR4e book - all from those full colour 16 pages. My favourite is the elven chick with a ponytail, carrying a shotgun and a pistol.

The associated book that comes with the screen is just as useful. It has a list of useful contacts, and a bunch of interesting adventure ideas that show GMs new to Shadowrun exactly what shadowrunners do.

Each adventure has a twist or two associated with it; PCs must bodyguard a corp's son who has just been infected with the ghoul virus... but they must protect him from himself, as he tries to adopt his new ghoulish behaviour to the extreme! Imagine trying to stop a sixteen year old ghoul from breaking into a morgue to indulge his "sweet tooth"! Just goes to show that not all SR adventures have to be about gunfights in Seattle.

Finally, the book contains a random adventure generator. I haven't tried it yet, but it seems neat - though the generator pretty much seems to always make every run end in the Johnson betraying the runners somehow. In my mind, Johnsons shouldn't betray runners THAT often. But, ah well.

SR is a game of charts, and this screen is going to really help running an SR game easier. Plus, it makes a handy adventure holder. I'm not usually the type to use DM screens; the last time I used one was the old D&D screen, and I was Gift Certificates
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