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Landyland: A Fun Game you can Play with Magic: The Gathering Cards.

Landyland is a board game for 2-6 players, designed by James Ernest and beautifully illustrated by Phil Foglio. It's a simple race, played with five stones per player, three 4-sided dice, and five stacks of Magic land cards. It was designed in conjunction with Gen Con '98, Andon Unlimited, and Wizards of the Coast, so once again we actually had permission to make a game with Magic Cards.

We had a few copies of Landyland left over from Gen Con, and so we're now making them available to our valued online customers. It's really really cool (despite the glaring typo, corrected below) and we think everyone should have one.

Correction to the Landyland Rules: Whups! The example of color values is completely off, because two of the colors on the board got swapped after the original rules text was written. And James didn't catch the discrepancy before the game went to press. The example which begins the second column of rules should read "For example, if a Duel is fought on the path which begins with a red start space, then Mountains are worth 5 points, Plains are worth 4, Islands 3, Swamps 2, and Forests are worth 1 point."

Most people figured that out on their own, but thought we might as well mention it.

Players: 2–6
Playing Time: 1 hour
Elements: Game Board with rules
You Need: Magic Cards, 3 four-sided dice and 5 distinct counters per player.

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