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GameMastery Item Cards: Relics of War

****( ) (based on 14 ratings)
GameMastery Item Cards: Relics of War

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Relics of War contains 110 all-new playing-card–sized cards featuring artifacts, weapons, armor, and items touched by the struggle of good against evil. Each card features a beautiful full-color illustration of an item on one side, with a text description and room for notes on the opposite side. A GM can hand these out when their PCs get treasure and watch as players learn to love managing their booty. A code on each card helps GMs track which card corresponds to which treasure.

    Each Relics of War pack contains:
  • 1 armor (cards 01–14)
  • 2 weapons (15–38)
  • 2 potions (39–56)
  • 1 scroll (62–71)
  • 1 wand (78–87)
  • 2 wondrous items (88–110)
  • 1 ring (57–61) or 1 rod or staff (72–77)
  • 1 foil card, which may be any card from the set.

Display boxes contain 12 booster packs.

Complete sets include a complete set of the foils along with a complete set of the non-foil cards. In addition, there are duplicates of some of the non-foil cards.

Useable by experienced GMs and novices alike, this product fits perfectly into any Game Master's arsenal.

Sample cards. Click to enlarge.

Card List for Relics of War:

01 Breastplate
02 Chain Shirt
03 Demonhide
04 Half-plate
05 Hide
06 Leather Suit
07 Padded Suit
08 Platemail
09 Scalemail
10 Studded Leather
11 Buckler
12 Steel Shield
13 Steel Shield
14 Wooden Shield
15 Arrow
16 Club
17 Crossbow
18 Dagger
19 Dagger
20 Flail
21 Greataxe
22 Greatsword
23 Longbow
24 Longsword
25 Longsword
26 Longsword
27 Mace
28 Nunchaku
29 Quarterstaff
30 Rapier
31 Scimitar
32 Scythe
33 Shortbow
34 Shortsword
35 Sickle
36 Spiked Gauntlet
37 Trident
38 Whip
39 Potion
40 Potion
41 Potion
42 Potion
43 Potion
44 Potion
45 Potion
46 Potion
47 Potion
48 Potion
49 Potion
50 Potion
51 Potion
52 Potion
53 Potion
54 Potion
55 Potion
56 Potion
57 Ring
58 Ring
59 Ring
60 Ring
61 Ring
62 Scroll
63 Scroll
64 Scroll
65 Scroll
66 Scroll
67 Scroll
68 Scroll
69 Scroll
70 Scroll
71 Scroll
72 Rod
73 Rod
74 Staff
75 Staff
76 Staff
77 Staff
78 Wand
79 Wand
80 Wand
81 Wand
82 Wand
83 Wand
84 Wand
85 Wand
86 Wand
87 Wand
88 Amulet
89 Bag
90 Belt
91 Book
92 Book
93 Boots
94 Bracers
95 Cloak
96 Cloak
97 Cube
98 Demon Fang
99 Feather
100 Helm
101 Mask
102 Pearl
103 Pearl
104 Powder
105 Prayer Beads
106 Quiver
107 Salve
108 Shrunken Head
109 Unicorn Horn
110 Withered Hand

Note: This product is part of the Pathfinder Cards Subscription.

Product Availability

Display, Pack: Ships from our warehouse in 1 to 7 business days.

Complete Set: Unavailable

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Average product rating:

****( ) (based on 14 ratings)

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***( )( )

Had to buy 3 Display cases.


I had to buy 3 display cases but I was able to get at least 1 of every card. I am highly impressed and make a great addition to my game supplies.

only 16 more...


I bought a display and ended up only 16 short of a full set.

I bought these to make treasure seem more real to my players and boy does it work they are dividing it up into stacks to determine how much each person is carrying and giving them more role-play queues.

I also love being able to lay a few cards on the table and tell the players "the wizard had these items on him."

Very useful!


I'd recommend a few of these for all GM's out there, exactly what you need, both basic and special stuff. The foils are a nice touch, for those very special items... although I feel that some foils are more common than others... bought two displays (24 boosters) and have several foils double or even triple :-(

Not so Random

***( )( )

I just bought 2 display boxes of these and 2 display boxes of Hero's Horde. I bought these mainly for the consumables (Potions, Scrolls, and Wands). My son and I opened up 1 box apiece. Opening packs 1 at a time starting front to last in each box, we soon found out that the first 6 cards were random, down to the foil, but after that each of the corresponding packs (i.e. first one in each box) had the same final five cards. These were the 2 potions, 2 weapons, and armor. I think that this is the only reason why I didn't get a complete set of items (not a big deal), as the six cards I'm missing are all armor and weapons. The artwork is great. Not quite so barbaric as in the decks specific to the APs. If I could I'd give it 3.5 stars and, if not for problems with randomization, a 4.5 star rating.

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