GameMastery Spell Templates: Miniatures Skirmish Package

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The STEEL SQWIRE Miniatures Skirmish Package is designed to enhance your miniatures games.

Each package contains 4 wire templates to outline area of effects on the game map. Each package contains a 10' and 20' radius and 30' straight and diagonal cone templates. The templates are constructed of .092 in. steel wire and are computer-bent to exact standards.

The Miniatures Skirmish Package also contains a Line of Sight Indicator. The Line of Sight Indicator is a circular disk with a retractable string to determine Line of Sight. It also contains an adhesive backing for attaching to your miniatures.

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Our Price: $30.00

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Our Price: $30.00

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Our Price: $30.00

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Average product rating:

****( ) (based on 6 ratings)

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Very useful but overpriced.

***( )( )

The spell templates are cool and extremely handy moreso than any other template i've used. The 4 templates included are certainly the most frequently used during my gaming sessions. However I must say the 25 dollar price tag for what is really just a bent wire coathanger is far to high. This would be a 5 star item at half the price. I would recommend this item for its usefullness at the table but gamers on a budget beware.

Good variety


I've found these spell templates are very useful for my games and there's a good variety in the templates so that you can extrapolate if the radius / length is longer. It's close to being a must-have GM tool and they're highly recommended.

Expensive, but worth it

****( )

The Skirmish templates are one of my group's most-used gaming accessories (and trust me, we've tried a lot). They're very heavy duty and difficult to bend easily, they transport well, and they do exactly what they're advertised to do. The "Line of Sight Indicator" is a bit cheesy as it's simply a retractable badge holder, but the idea was sound and the addition was welcome in the package.

The biggest deterrent to the product was the price, but at $30, I honestly believe this is the most cost-effective of the Spell Templates with some of the most commonly used spell areas in the game (and those it doesn't have are simply large and unwieldy or small and easy to mark out. A very solid gaming accessory I personally suggest buying if you can get past the price.

Very useful but too expensive

***( )( )

This is an excellent product that makes it quick and easy to determine effects on a combat map but not good value for money. The cost and the line of sight indicator remove a star respectively from my rating.

You can not knock the quality or the role this product serves. Most spell/effect templates are cardboard or clear transparenacies that require your to lift up up map pieces or to guess by holding over the map. It just slips right onto the map over pieces no problem. It also supplies a wide variety of shapes for different effects which make it useful. I also have to report that the packaging of this product is a highlight as you can store the pieces in a resealable plastic insert that is punch with holes for a 3 ring binder.

My biggest concern is cost. It most certainly is very over priced. You could attempt make this yourself with time and patience - out of cloth-hanger wire. But I do have to say that Steel Sqwire does an excellent job of craftmanship and choice of colours. The colours allow multiple effects to be laid on top of one another. A good idea if you can afford it.

Also, this package comes with a line of sight indicator. This item can be purchased separately and I have reviewed the item there. Its spring loaded action is a finger wacking nightmare and it is a waste of time and should be omitted from the set to lower the cost.

If you have the cash I would recommend you get this item and to look around as retailers and online shops have these items on special. I picked up my steel set 18 months ago for 7.50USD before postage.



A set of these are near the top of my DM-ing "must-haves." Before I got these at Gencon I used the paper cut-outs I got in my Battlebox, but these are much better. Easy to position between miniatures on a full table, very durable, a pleasure to use. (*****)

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